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Trying to run an Amd 2100Xp on this mother board. Though if I set the cpu host clock anything over 120 the system for some reason no longer finds the hard drive. Leaving me to have to Reformate and install Xp again. If I have the clock at 100 to 120 things go well. Set it higher and even the Xp setup crashed with a blue screen saying its shuting down to protect the system.

If anyone has any idea's to how to get this fixed please let me know.
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  1. Ok I have been able to install win 98 and that runs well. Though if I try to change the clock to anything over 126 the system crashes when I try to play any game. And some times just at random. Also can not set the AGP ap. size to 256 of it will not boot. Like wise for setting the Ram to Cas 2. So if anyone has any ideas let me know.
  2. well, im sorry i cant help.... i was just about to post and see if anyone had that board yet. does it support usb 2.0 now? i read the first ones out did not....

    ....the birds seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  3. Greetings,

    It does support USB 2.0

    There are 6-7 reviews on hardware sites i have seen in the last month that puts it near the top of the KT333 heap in terms of performance, and its features are only matched by the Soyo Dragon Ultra (which does not perform that well on most reviews..and is more expensive).

    I would go out and get this board but for the AUDIO!

    I have read several different things on difference reviews about what the audio supports and what it doesn't

    I think on its site it says 2 channel support,
    but there are places where it says it uses the old AC97 codec for rear speakers and the newer onboard one (Creative SB PCI128 Audio) for front speakers. Then in another place it says it supports digial 5.1 audio. Its the only thing I can't figure out.

    I know the soyo has 5.1 support and SPDIF connections for digital interfaces.

    But i would hate to geta slower and more expensive mobo for just better sound!

    can abybody clear up what exactly is ont he giga for sound?
    channel support? just two speakers?

  4. Is just 2 speaker support. The Ga-7vrxp uses the Creavite labs CT 5880 Chip and the Ga-7vrx uses the Via AC`97 chip.

  5. I found that turning the RAM speed down to 266 solved most of my problems. (Even though the whole point of purchasing this motherboard was the 333 RAM)
  6. Thanks for the reply,

    I went straight to the souce to get the skinny on what is going on. but, I found something even more confusing.

    On pg 67 of the GA-7VRXP user manual at

    it states:

    "SPDIF introducion- the spdif output is capable of providing digital signal to AC3 decoder which can support up to 5.1 'digital' iten, Line Out will be reconfigured to SPDIF out."

    what the hell are they talking about? how can one of those crappy line out connections serve as digital 5.1 sound? I am even more aggrevated then before...can any GA-7VRXP user shed light on this? anybody?

  7. sorry, no idea there, i'm just using a good ol sound blaster live on the motherboard. Seems to work fine for me =)
  8. Did you ever get your motherboard to work correctly? I have the same exact trouble as you but mine did manage to boot up to bios for a few seconds, freeze and wont boot to bios again unless I unplug everything and restart. Im getting a replacement motherboard (same one still) and see if it was just a bad motherboard. I hope it is becuase otherwise I have no clue on what's going on and how to install this thing =(
  9. I have the same board ,sounds like you got a bum board ,mine has given me no troubles. I have noticed that WinXP does'nt like you changing mobos. If you do get it working ,I think you'll find it to be a pretty damn good board. Plenty stable, although if your a hardcore overclocker, another board would be a better choice.
    Good luck.
  10. Well I got it up and running. Had to clock the Ram down to 266, the AGP AP down to 128 and buss speed down to 125. Set up like that everythings runs great. Though as you all knnow it sucks having to run everything slower then it should.
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