Having a problem installing Simcity 4!!!

Hello there, here is my problem-

I get the CDs and put it into my computer. I start the installation and the installation freezes at these percentages after every attempt to install- 0.03 (the worst), 0.48, 0.78, and 2.78 (the highest I can get). What is going on!? I check everything to see if there is something wrong. Can someone tell me what canI do so far? Please answer quickly!!!
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  1. Have you figured this out yet? I've determined that disc 2 appears to be missing the autorun file?
  2. Im not sure what the deal is. I actually got mine to work completely at one time, BUT, my anti-virus kept trying to clean it out.
    Anywho, if you keep at it , it may eventually load both discs and you can play, but it seems that my computer is reading disc 2 as a virus. Im not sure if anyone figured this out yet, but since I 'uninstalled' it, now i cant seem to get it working again.
  3. Hi, I'm having the exact problem installing disc 2 of the set. It seems the auto run is not working. Did you find a solution to this? I'd be grateful for any help. Thanx
  4. When I load disk 1 it runs, stops, and runs a little more. After that, nothing happens. I made sure my computer met the specs. I see that people are suggesting downloading software from the internet (the source of which I know nothing about, and I hope it is something that doesn't introduce a virus).

    If there are so many problems with loading SimCity 4, why is it still being sold. Isn't selling something to the public that does not do what it is promised to do commiting fraud? Shouldn't the manufacturers of SimCity 4 be held responsible?
  5. wait guys can you help me when i download it it stops at 15.88 and says

    a problem occurred when trying to transfer the file 'd:/fonts/hy round gothic (bold).mxf'from the media

    plz help and thats exactly what is says so plz help

    is there any way i could fix it

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