Diablo 2 device failure. HELP!!

Good day!

I installed Diablo 2 on my home computer and it freezes up, when i try to play. Then a few seconds later the computer displays:
"Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure.
Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality"

What sould i do? Sould i upgrade my device, but where can i download it??

Any suggestions?

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  1. What device?

    What system specs?

    We're going to need more details before we can help.
  2. It actually sounds to me like he thinks that the name of the component that failed is "device". This reminds me of "who's" on first.

    Anyway, see if you can figure out which device failed as it could be anything.


    Video Card
    Power Supply
    Hard Drive
    Sound Card


    Whatever model pos dell you have.
  3. ive gotten this berfore on my 6800 when i turned the video renderer to the other 1(D3D?) or mebbe opengl dun remember that fixed it. Peace.
  4. I'm sure that my video card driver failed. But i can't understand this whole thing, because i've played the demo.

    i have a VIA/S3 UniChrome Pro IGP video card
    driver is:, when i wanted to refresh it, the computer displayed: unable to complete.

    motherboard: Kobian pm800

    thank you for your respons
  5. A-hah! I'd try fixing your graphics driver before playing games. Uninstall the botched drivers and reinstall with the latest drivers.
  6. how can i uninstall the botched drivers?
    and what will i do if when i reinstall the drivers the computer displays "unable to complete" again?

    (sorry for my english)
  7. I managed to refresh the video card driver, but nothing have changed (device failure) ->
  8. So i unistalled the video card driver (i'm not sure that i did it the way i had to, i uninstalled it in the device manager) then i updated the driver, but when i starts diablo, the computer displays the error again. Tell me, how can i reinstall the drivers?
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