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Anyone knows a World War 2 RTS game with a Command and Conquer Style, I mean building bases, factory and units and getting money. I was used to C&C Styles, I've tried Soldiers, Heroes of ww2 and codename:Panzer but they don't build bases, the units are irreplaceable. The closest similar game I've seen is the Axis & Allies but this one build units as a group and I don't like the graphics much, they look like toys.
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  1. Company of Heroes! Awesome RTS. The Oct. issue of PC Gamer (I got mine in the mail today) has a beta single player demo. They gave it a 96 out of 100. You don't get money..resources such as fuel and ammo are what you are after. Check it out...fantastic game.
  2. I don't think there are any WWII base building rts's. WWII wasn't about base building it was about tactics... holding positions and brute force. I don't remember any instances where you send out peons to gather rescources while rushing with panzer tanks.

    Maybe check out some CNC style rts's and look for WWII mods? I don't think there is any though.
  3. blitzkrieg 2 v.35 for zero hour is a WW 2 mod
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