Diablo 2 device failure help!

Good day!

I installed Diablo 2 on my home computer and it freezes up, when i try to play. Then a few seconds later the computer displays:
"Microsoft Windows detected and recovered from a device failure.
Please save your work and reboot to restore full functionality"

What sould i do? Sould i upgrade my device, but where can i download it??

Any suggestions?

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  1. Guessing that you may have windows vista on your computer? I did not notice issues like this on my old PC that had Windows Xp...My new computer has Intel 945G chipset so i went to Intel website and downloaded latest drivers for this chipset since it has built in graphics accelerator...if you have graphics card in your PC try going to website of the graphics card manufacturer for lastest drivers for the card....Hope this helps :wink:
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