8 Files Missing After Slipstreaming SP2 Beta

<b><font color=red>Anyone interested in the WinXP SP2 Beta themselves to test it, it can be downloaded from the link below, however you do this at your own risk, and it comes with a warning not to run it on critical systems, and I suggest you heed that.</font color=red></b>

Just for anyones knowledge thats doing it, the 8 missing files that Windows XP Pro can't find after Slipstreaming the SP2 Beta over SP1 are missing Indeo Codecs and DLL files, the SP2 is a major change in WinXP and I mean Major.

The Firewalls automatically activated upon first bootup along with every other feature XP has, also anyone deciding to run the SP2 Beta, you don't have to create a slipstreamed disk to install the SP2, you can just download the Beta version SP2 and execute it.

However for later installs you'll probably want to make an installation disk to save some installation time. I made a Bootable WinXP installation disk with SP2 slipstreamed into the disk, so when you install WinXP you're installing SP2, at the same time.

I used ISO Buster to capture the WinXP Boot File, and Nero 6 to burn the compilation to disk, you don't have to use those programs they're just the ones I used, if anyones interested in running the Beta SP2 and, creating your own installation disk, let me know, I can save you a lot of trouble.

Note; After you slipstream SP2 into your WinXP files but before you burn to disk, you need to remove the "win51ip.sp1" reference file from your compilation or your, WinXP CD will not boot.

And by the way the WinXP Blaster Worm Patch, that we had to get from a special Microsoft download site is in the Beta SP2.

But for you guys that love to install their OP/SYS's every month this will be an adventure!!!

<A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/maintain/sp2predl.mspx" target="_new">WinXP SP2 Beta Testing</A>

The last installation disk I bought had the SP1 already on the disk, the SP2 Beta is a huge update for a service pack 273Mb, they've reworked the entire OP/SYS, from one end to the other, some things even look different and some things have been added and are completely new, they,ve added a Security Station and a Firewall Control, directly into the Control Panel, you don't have to look for the Firewall anymore, It's in your face from the very beginning.


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  1. Top post, cheers... Couple of questions (yeah so I'm lazy, but if you already know, then it's handy ;o))

    How stable is SP2 after install?
    Can the missing files simply be copied and replaced? What's the difference between clean WinXP & SP2 install in comparison to installing over SP1?
    Forsee any problems with simply restoring a cloned backup if it all goes pear-shaped?

    Slipstreaming - Obviously I can see the value of this with the final release, but with the beta version? Still, I guess it'd be the same procedure regardless :D

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  2. Quote:
    How stable is SP2 after install?

    So far, solid as a rock as far as stability is concerned, the only problem I'm having is with the built in Firewall, and thats because I've disabled it, because I've got a 2year paid subscription to Zone Alarm Pro and I want to use it instead of the XP Firewall, but every now and then the XP Firewall jumps into the picture even though its supposed to be disabled, its not causing any stability problems yet, but we'll see.

    Can the missing files simply be copied and replaced?


    What's the difference between clean WinXP & SP2 install in comparison to installing over SP1?

    The difference would be in the time involved, if you were doing a clean install from scratch, doing the installation with SP2 already slipstreamed onto the disk it would mean when the install was completed, you computer already has SP2 on it when you get to the startup screen, VS from that point having to take the time to separately install the SP2 over the SP1, which usually takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes for it to complete all the changes.

    Forsee any problems with simply restoring a cloned backup if it all goes pear-shaped?

    No, if you restore from a clone you completely rewrite the files.

    Slipstreaming - Obviously I can see the value of this with the final release, but with the beta version? Still, I guess it'd be the same procedure regardless :D

    SP2 Beta comes with a 180day temporary licence, this is for people to test SP2 and report any bugs they encounter, it has a direct report link built in to directly send problem reports directly to Microsoft, to help Microsoft finetune the SP itself, so obviously they're planning to officially release SP2 sometime within that 180 day time frame. The slipstreaming is really no big deal it just takes a little time, and when SP2 officially is released I'll be remaking my installation disk, but I still have my original Microsoft installation disk, I'll just slipstream a new installation disk and reinstall.


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  3. Thanks for the comprehensive response. Think I might take a look tonight before I get too much crap on my 2 day old SP1 re-install!

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  4. Just some extra info. Missing files are:


    More info: <A HREF="http://board.iexbeta.com/ibf10/index.php?showtopic=38173" target="_new">http://board.iexbeta.com/ibf10/index.php?showtopic=38173</A>

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  5. A lot of the problems posted there I'm not having, I wonder how much affects different hardware configurations have on software performance, its got to make a difference! The only problem I'm running into is the built in Firewall, can't get it to shutdown so I can run Zone Alarm Pro unhindered but thats just the BETA and to be expected, I hope!!! Those missing files I replaced by installing an Indeo Codec package for XP I'd previously acquired for a game the original WinXP wouldn't run.

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  6. Nice idea to fix the codec problem...

    My h/w setup isn't spectactularly different from most, although I do have a 6 h/ds and SATA RAID. I'll let you know what problems (if any, <crosses fingers>) when I finally install SP2 t/m night... At least it's downloaded now.

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  7. So you're going to join the brave or crazy club Eh! Hope it goes well! let me know how it goes and if you run into any problems.

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  8. It's installed now (and it bloody takes ages to install dunnit!!!). Everything *seems* ok atm, been running a few hours so far. The Internet Security stuff really is "In yer face" isn't it! Can't really miss that...

    I've been mucking around with what appears to be a new prog for transferring files via bluetooth too, though it's a bit quirky with my SonyEricsson T610...

    So far it's running ok with a trial version of Zone Alarm Pro... what was your problem with Zone Alarm?

    And another question... have you downloaded the Windows Updates marked 'BETA'? Obviously I don't wanna leave security holes, but neither do I wanna be at the cutting edge of Beta-dom and experience *all* the bugs, I'd rather see if SP2 on it's own will bed in first.

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  9. Hmm, ok - I've been messing around with the security options and realised that I'd left Automatic Update download on. It asked if I wanted to install (all the Beta updates too) and I thought what the hell, may as well.

    Went to make a brew and came back to find a blank screen and nothing happening. Hmm, time to clone back prior to SP2 I thought, but after another reboot it seems ok again. Guess I'll see how it goes for a while now...

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