What happened to the Mech type games?

I loved these games but haven't seen one in a long time....the modability of the Mechs was fun and with today's graphics...things like blowing up a city would be great. Just curious if there are any out there or if anyone has heard of one in the dev pipeline somewhere.

Did anyone else like these games or was it just me?

Update: Just found one at ....anyone tried this one yet?
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  1. I love MechWarriors but it seems the genre is not exciting anymore as fewer and fewer mech type games are coming out. The War World is looking good but one thing Im keeping my eyes on is the Chromehounds game. Currently is going to be avialable for XBOX 360 but Im hoping this game would reach the pc version.
  2. God they were great games. Was a load of fun. Nothing like shooting the leg off an enemy and running rings around him taking him down one piece at a time.
  3. I tend to hate xbox ports. The controls never really work on a PC the way they should.
    Still, thanks for the heads-up about these games. I hope they rock.
    Sierra had a great game, too, that they ended up basing Tribes off of. It had mechs and all, was pretty cool as I remember.
    The next BF will have mechs, but you'll have to fight off your vehicle-whore teamates to get to one....
  4. Quote:
    I tend to hate xbox ports. The controls never really work on a PC the way they should.

    I absolutely agree to this statement. But sometimes they do it right.
  5. Have you looked at NBT (Net Battle Tech)? They have developed a new mod for the game called Hard Core and also some new mechs and weapons for Mechwarrior IV. There is still a large following out there.
  6. How about a free mech MMO made by Ncsoft?
    it's called Exteel

    the official web site is here

    the game is not available yet but it was announce at E3 and should be release later this year.

    There is a threat on this in the COH forums and also a trailer posted by one of the Dev working on it

    right here

    it looks pretty cool, you can also customize your Mech ;)
  7. Hey! Now that looks like it could be good. Thanks for the info.
  8. Pretty interesting...kind of remind me of Gundam Mobile Suit. :D
  9. MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries has been redone compleatly with new mechs/weapons/graphics and released for free distribution under MekTek Developmet ( Allso with their own game Assault Tech 1
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