Via KT333 and SB Live/Audigy

I know its well known now that the SB Live and Audigy do not work well with VIA chipsets. Well, I can certainly attest to that after having crash after crash with my audigy while playing games (they dont crash when I use another Sound card). I get blue screens of death in Win XP pro!! Anyway, I went to the Giga-byte site and they have two VIA driver downloads for AC97 audio PCI driver. One is labeled v686 at 4.3 megs and the other 8233_512 at 1.6 megs.
Will these help with my crashing problems? If so, which one do I use, or should I still dump the audigy card and get a different sound card?

I already installed the latest 4 in 1 drivers.

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  1. sorry, i dont know which one will help, but if i was you, i would dump the audigy...
    cheaper than dumping the motherboard.
    but i would also try and figure out the problem here.


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  2. You're going to start using the onboard sound? I'd hate to start doing that, AC97 is crap.

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  3. Hey A,

    You most likely already know this, but it is worth saying just in case you don't(don't get mad if you know it).

    Have you disabled the on-board sound card in the bios?

    I am running a OEM Audigy on a EPoX 8KHA+(Via KT266A), using Win 98 SE, with no problems. I have not used or installed any AC97 drivers or Updates. It might help if you removed the all the software/drivers(both SB & Via) as well as the hardware(Via on-board sound in bios), restarting and then reinstalling the SB card drivers, when XP finds the new device.

    Also have you "Updated Win XP"

    All I could think of, sorry if you already tried all that stuff. This might be a good reason to stick with Win 98 SE for me.

    Peace Out..................tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
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