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windows 7,monitor HX2000 can't raise picture on monitor to see "OK" "CANCEL" APPLY" am trying to set auto complete and requires clicking "OK" once on the drop down, which I can do, But instructed to 2nd click "OK" but can't see at the bottom of he screen
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    Pressing the 'enter' key will select whichever the default answer is. If you want a different answer, then you may use the arrow and/or tab keys to make your selections.

    But I'm curious why your settings are such that there's unviewable area on your monitor... Have you checked that the resolution set in windows is the same as your monitor's??
  2. don't know about" setting resoution the same as monitor" resolution is set at reccommended level, but I have played with it and no matter what, can't elevate to see "OK" boxes
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