How can I figure out FPS in Oblivion?

Sorry for such a noob question but how can you figure out what the frames-per-second rate is while playing a game, particularly Oblivion. I'm eager to see what mine is compared to what others have stated is acceptable.
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  1. Go to and download the free version. It will run in the background and show the fps in a corner of your screen while you are playing.
  2. Thank you very much!!!
  3. I would recommend downloading Omega drivers, replace the official drivers from ATI or NVidia. They are optimized to make games look and play better. I'm using the Omega drivers for ATI, and it comes with ATI Tray Tools, which has FPS options, not to mention temperature and other things that you can display in the corner of the screen. At first, I actually thought FRAPS was running because the numbers looked exactly the same, but I found out that it was the Tools. I don't know if the NVidia drivers have the same. You should still download it if it doesn't.
  4. I am using an ATI vid card with ATI drivers. Where can I get the omega drivers for my card? I would like Oblivion to play as well as possible.
  5. For Oblivion; go to the console (tilde key); the command is tdt.
  6. I didn't know Oblivion had an in-game FPS display. Thanks.
  7. To download Omega Drivers, go here.
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