3rd party driver locking up win2k

Ok, friend of mine called and said that a guy at work has the following problem...

cannot get into safemode, prompt or boot into windows seems a 3rd party driver is preventing windows from starting up, some internet phone thing is jamming them up. and i cannot for the life of me remember how you get past this with out wiping out the system. anyone have a link i can go to or can refresh my memory on how to get into windows to stomp on that drivers neck without losing the entire os and all his work that is on the laptop?

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  1. can he remove or disable the device the driver is for?

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  2. Two words - Repairering Console. It will ask what you wish to be loaded, say no to that thingy he has badly behavioring within his sistema and walla, walla it is.

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
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