Can you create spells in Oblivion? Need 'Heal Other'

I've been to a bunch of Mage's guilds but can't find someone who will make a spell.

Particularly, I just want to make (or buy) a spell that restores health to NPCs. When fighting alongside Imperial Legion soldiers it would help to keep them alive.

So anyone know where either a 'Restore health to other' spell is for sale or where one can actually make such a spell?
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  1. Well, having the Ritual Birthsign helps here. IF you do, you can get "Mara's GIft" from a doomstone. This spell only works once per day, but it restores 150 health, so its pretty powerful.
  2. once you have completed all the quests at the various mage guilds and recieved their recommendations you gain access to the arcane university in the imperial city. there you can make your own spells and i know for a fact that there is a heal others spell, i have one but i purchased it from someone in the mage guilds...i cant remember which one and im at work so i dont have it but i know it might have been from the bruma guild...
  3. however, you can't create a speel unless you already know one of that type, which sucks. Solution: IF you are born under the ritual, do what I described earlier. If not, buy the cheapest one and then make your own better one. Every city's guild specializes in a differnt type of magic. I think Bruma is correct for restoration. but I'm not entirely sure. Also, all chappel priests seel restoration spells (in all cities) so check them too.
  4. Great. Thanks a lot!

    I found the "Restore Health on Target" at Chorral in the chapel. Now I can heal my horse and allies which is helpful.
  5. No problem. I dealt with that problem for quite some time myself. (especially useful on horse and when you take guards into oblivion with you)
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