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Before I reinstalled all on my computer everything worked just fine, but then when I had reinstalled it all, it started to lag i games. ( A weird kind of lag ).... My fps is just fine (100 - 400), but although it lags.

I believe I installed windows and all thing, but I am not 100% sure.. In the beginning I thought it was a driver conflict, but I have tried to reinstall my nvidia drivers and tried using elder drivers but none of it works.

Does it matter if you use "NTFS" fast filesystem ..??


Motherboard: A8N-SLI SE

CPU: AMD 64 X2 4200+

GPU: Asus Geforce 7600 GT

2 MB Kingston Ram - pc3200

Please help . Thanks:D
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  1. Using NTFS definitely shouldn'y affect your gameplay, and if you were getting good framerates before you reinstalled you should be able to get those framerates again (in theory :wink: ) I'm thinking you have some sort of software issue/conflict thats messing up your game. You might want to just try updating your main drivers (audio, video, stuff like that) and if nothing works just try reinstalling the game just for kicks.

    Good luck.
  2. I already tried updating all :(. It's pretty weird I think.

    Thanks anyway:D..
  3. Check whether all your ram is recognized, you can get fine FPS but have to be continually loading info from your hard drive if your ram is faulty.
  4. Is your cpu being recognized correctly as a dual core? Also, did you install the microsoft and amd dual core patches? My pc had similar symptoms in some games before I installed the patches.
  5. Bios says that i have 2 GB useable ram. Could my ram be defect?. No I did not install any of those drivers. Where can I download them? :D .

    By the way, can the "cool 'n' quiet" driver has anything to do with it? .
  6. You can grab the AMD patch here:,,30_182_871_13118,00.html

    Be sure to get the correct version.

    You can find the microsoft patch here:

    C&Q has been know to effect some games/machines. You can always disable it in your bios to see if it makes a difference.
  7. Okay . Many thanks so far.. I'll try it.. Do you think some of my RAM could be defect maybe?
  8. I have looked for the danish version of the patch, but I can't find it.. (I am from Denmark)...... Do you know anywhere to download it?:S
  9. I have tried everything you said. None of it seems to help. If it is not a software conflict, then maybe it is my RAM, Harddisk ? which is defect. Am I stupid to think that? I don't know a shit... :(
  10. This may or may not help.

    You may need to contact Microsoft for the danish patch.

    If the /usepmtimer switch is not in your boot.ini file, you may want to try adding it.

    I know that says it's for x64, but it works with 32 bit windows too. In fact, that's what fixed all my problems. :)
  11. I have reinstalled twice now, and it still does the same.. I have done everything I've been told to do, but still then changes. I am starting to think it could be my harddisk or ram or another defect hardware...? Please make all your suggestions.. :D Thanks so far..
  12. 1. Did you try to defrag HDD
    2. Could be some software running in the background that’s causing this. Run task manager start game and when the stuttering starts alt-tab to c which one is causing your problems.
  13. Grab memtest86 and let it run overnight to test your ram.
  14. There was nothing wrong with my ram. I found out that it is my mouse that is lagging, because when do not move the mouse the game doesn't lag, but then when I do it lags. I guess this is some kind of software problem. Am I wrong?
  15. might be a driver conflict. did you install the driver for your particular mouse? is it usb or ps2?
  16. I have tried both windows and the driver there was with the mouse, it makes no difference. It is an USB mouse, but I have tried putting it in a ps2 adapter, also no difference.

    I noticed just now, that the mouse lags less the higher the fps gets. When the fps is on 100 it lags but 400 it doesn't. :? . I think it is very confusing!!
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