x360+PS3 vs PC rig!

OK, In december last year I put together a new games rig, 7800GTX x2 SLI, Xifi, 4 GIG RAM and AMD 4000 64. Great machine, never had an issue with it, looks and sounds awesome especially when I plugged it into a 32" LCD and 7.1 speakers.

People come round who have no intrest in games and see Half Life 2, Battlefield 2, FEAR or World of Warcraft and then generally understand just how good computers games are (and hog the machine till I get them to leave).

Thing is after reaching LV 60 in wow I got bored, after 700 hours of BF2, bored! After completing HL2/Far Cry and FEAR all in stunning HD, as most run at 1360x768 on the 32" LCD.

BORED, there are no new PC games of worth since december.

Now I generally sneer at consoles as to be honest for FPS or RTS games they suck and those are the games I love. Fine for GTA, racing and sports but to be honest those sorts of games have never really intrested me.

I have been playing Video Games since the VIC 20 So I'm starting to feel I have seen it all before.

Then by chance I had a go on the xbox 360 connected to a HD LCD Screen.

ERM WOW, the wireless controller ACTUALLY works, unlike all those shite wifi cards and pc mice I have. The graphics appear to be almost as good {bar some anti aliasing} as my monster PC.

OK, went out and got one.

After a little messing with leads (You need the vga lead for most LCD screens NOT the component one they give you).

Bought Oblivion and BF:MC and have been hooked. In fact the only reason I use the games rig is to play BF2 when my girlfriend is hogging the Xbox (She is hooked to oblivion).

OK, IMHO upgrading a PC for being a games rig is now pointless for about 1-2 years (unless its for PC only games like WOW).

The best games and gaming is going to be on the x360 and PS3 and wII for the next 2 years.

And heres the joke.

You could buy all the above consoles and a 32" LCD and dolby digital speakers and it would still cost less than buying a new medium range games rig and 19" LCD from Alienware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These new consoles pay DVDs, Music and games they are idiot proof to play online with with Voip support thrown in. And as everyone is using the same hardware, so no cheating {well not as much as you get in most PC games}.

OK, console games, boy they cost more. Well yes to start with. But already many postal hire clubs have started up for xbox and psp and even my local blockbuster rents x360 and psp games now and you can buy second hand titles cheap aka wait one month after game comes out then buy half price.

So I'm gunna console and PC game till 2008-9, then buy a monster AMD quad core 2000 100 gig RAM 8x GPU SLI Nvidia 10gig VRAM per card 10 series with 10 terrabytes of storage. And laugh how crap the xbox 360 /PS3 now looks and flog them on ebay.

I have been playing online PC games since Doom 2, if your wise don't throw money at a new PC right now. WAIT, get a console for gaming for a while and let the PC market "over take" again cause right now unless you spend a fortune. PC's just arn't as much fun.

And yes flamers, the console can't rip DVD's or do photoshop or print documents. Who cares, I have a 4 PC's. They can all do that. And a PC thats does the above without games now costs about £300!

Xbox Live:dirtylarryuk
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  1. quite glad u enjoy it..... and yes the lack(or less) cheating is great....
    maybe some day i will grab something to play....but i just cant stand controlers.

    Can u use KB/Mouse on that thing?
    Will ET Quake Wars go there?
    Will it bake me a cake?(jk)

    anyway..... glad u like it....
  2. Yeah, I'm with you on not spending anything on a pc right now. Just doesn't make sense. Wait until Vista and the next round of hardware comes out.
    Don't know what your problem with wireless mice is, though. I've never had any difficulty or lag with mine (MX1000).
    Still, if you have the money to spend on this stuff, the xbox 360 is probably a better value right now. Good thing you seem to like it. What about the new Zelda game? That is going to rock.
  3. I have to agree on the controller playing battlefield MC on X360 VS BF2 with Mouse and keyboard is odd for at least a week but after a week or so it become natural.

    Joypads are better for racing and platforms games though. If fact many good BF2 players on the PC use a joypad for planes and helicopters but switch to the mouse for infantry combat.

    The thing is the X360 really is to most extents competing with my game rigs for GFX and sound poor old MS must lose a fortune everytime you buy one.

    Mouse wise the MX 1000 isd the best wireless mouse I have come across so far but I am still using the G5 wired for games.

    I recommend Oblivion, Project Gotham racing and Call of Duty 2 on the X360, all great fun.
  4. According to many websites KB and mouse are on way for x360 and PS3.

    Both have USB so I imagine its not a problem would be nice if proper PC mice just plugged in though.
  5. think stuff like half life, and FPS stuff, especially rainbow 6 and MMORPG games will really shine on consoles in the next few years tbh
    they play just as good on a console
    only game i love that aint on a console is ultima online
  6. Quote:

    You could buy all the above consoles and a 32" LCD and dolby digital speakers and it would still cost less than buying a new medium range games rig and 19" LCD from Alienware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    who buys from alienware anyway?!?
    oh and to that point you can also buy 3 suped up skylines for the same price as an S55 AMG. they have roughly the same performance but the merc has the brand name going for it, same with alienware, its not about the computer, its about the brand
  7. Just like any form of entertainment, one can get bored with it. Especially if you don't have any friends to lan or wan with. If you want to enjoy gaming to its fullest you neet to get involved with a local lan group. Mine is called LanDojo, we lan and wan it up all the time. I would agree that BF2 solo can get boring, thats why you play with 3-10 buddies.

    And our small 25 member lan group participates with a larger lan party group which holds larger events for console and computer gaming. tclan.org

    Oblivion is great on console, but better on computer, more tweeking, higher resolution, etc. And there is nothin like having the game up on one screen and the FAQ or walkthrough up on the other.

    As for throwing away money, If we all built 2000+$ systems I would agree, but as far as we go, $1300 gets us an uber rig. $700 gets us one good enough to play all the games out there.(I can post #s if you insist)

    Personal preference has a lot to do with whether a person will like computer gaming as much or less than console gaming. Consoles have sports games, PCs have RTSs and TBSs, PCs gaming often includes intracacies, some of which still have yet to reach console systems.

    On the flip side, companies like nintendo, show a great deal of wisdom when they say, its not about the console, its about the games. Ultimately its not about PC vs Xbox, etc... Its about EA vs Capcom vs Valve vs Blizzard vs SquareEnix. Every company has its niche, what games they develop and what platforms they develop for determine the mix of games avaliable for any given platform.

    That being said, IMHO consoles shine in low number multiplayer games(4 or less), PCs shine in large number multi player games(4+). Both share the single player game market with strong titles, but consoles have the market share and the edge in number of titles.

    my two cents is up.
  8. and you dont have to signup to any additional survice fee to play online games, unlike consoles (360 anyway)
    -not including MMORPGs-

    cybrguy how can you of been a member for 4 years and only posted 1 msg? is the counter screwed or something?
  9. Quote:

    Mouse wise the MX 1000 isd the best wireless mouse I have come across so far but I am still using the G5 wired for games.

    G7 is where it's at. Basically a gaming version of the MX1000.
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