Dennis Ritchie dies and no one seems to care!!

Remember what happened when Steve Jobs died?! Everyone freaked out! people (falsely) called him an inventor and praised him for (technically) nothing on news channles and websites! and now, I was just frustrated to see there are no news on tomshardware about the death of Dennis Ritchie!

What a world we are living in!! People cry over the death of the CEO of a company, and no one cares when someone like Dennis Ritchie passes away!! (Most people doesn't even know his name and what he has done for computers and technology!)

It's just sad!!
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  1. I agree it is sad. I personally had no idea, but I also had to google him to see who he was.
  2. FINALLY...! with a surprising delay there is an article in the news section, and it's not even written in bold font !!! I remember a few years ago this website used to be a place for geeks like me who value real inventors and innovators like Dennis Ritchie far more than a marketing "genius" like Steve Jobs! tomshardware is not what it used to be ~2 years ago! it's become something like TMZ of tech websites! I guess they make more money with their current style!
    it's sad! really sad! good luck with your iphone and ipad news (=advertisement)!
  3. I must admit I am surprised.

    I will ask Jane to write a short story for TG News ... he deserves no less.
  4. Sent her a PM ... fingers crossed.

  5. i've tried to do the same on toms, but no one seems to know him...
  6. thank you guys so much for your attention :) to be honest I think it's too late... and since almost no one cares I think there's nothing that we can do :)

    We have Unix and C because of him and people like him at Bell Labs. Mac OS X is Unix-based and it is written in C! iOS apps are written in objective C! but some how the guy who runs Apple that probably has no clue about the technology, somehow is more important!

    What a world we are living in!! it's really surprising!
  7. Received this from Jane over at toms Guide:

    Hey Reynod,

    Kevin wrote about Ritchie the morning after he passed away: [...] 13696.html

    There's some lovely comments from readers there, too. Such sad news. Not surprising or shocking, really, as he was old enough, but just really sad.


    ano ... your wish is our command !!

  8. thank you for your reply :) well that's so much better :)
    the thing is that I expected to see it the Latest News, in bold font... he deserved that much at least! I mean wasn't this news more important that for example "Siri has some silly answers" which was written in bold?! I bet Steve Jobs' was in bold! believe me it's not that important anymore, it was on 12 Oct :)

    I first read this news on 12 Oct on cnet I think, I expected to see it on TH, that's the whole story :)

    thanks again for taking the time to reply to my post :)
  9. shutdown -y -i 5 -g 120 "===== Dennis has left the building for the last time===="

    RIP and thanks for the fish.
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