Geforce,XFX, or eVGA???

People I just whant to know your opinions about which one is better to get from Geforce,XFX, and eVGA if you have an answer please reply... :)

Thank You :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. XFX and eVGA make videocards with GeForce chips so there is no thing as "which is better geforce or xfx or evga"
    In other words, Geforce is the chip. XFX and eVGA are the companys which makes the videocards with GeForce chips

    By the way, I think eVGA is better, I have one and is giving me good perfomance.
  2. Ok Thanks slim142 or in other words diego camote eater i have to learn from you and the people from here im an noob (not in games only on resources)
  3. ...

    It would be good if you first review by yourself some info then ask here what u didnt understand
  4. ?

    this is a bit of a flamming question, you should go with the brand that you think offers you the best price/performance/warrenty

    when it comes to Nvidia XFX, Evga or BFG, will do fine they are good makes and should not cause you any problems, at the moment i use a XFX, and am very happy with it, but you should compare price and clock speeds on the products and decide which one you want after that look up reviews on google(theres plenty of them) for your chosen product, this will give you a better idea of the noise and performance of the card then make a choice.
  5. Yeah thats true but right now I dont think thats the case
    I mean this guy didnt have an idea what he was talking about
  6. I have an 7600GT from XFX and it's a very good card.
    I have the next sistem:

    Intel 930 - 3.0 GHZ dual core
    Board P5LD2
    1 GB - Twinmos memory
    Hdd 200 GB sata2 Western Digital
    Video card - XFX 7600 GT 256 mb

    And here are the scores in 3DMark :

    - 2001 - 21.000 points
    - 2003 - 13.500 points
    - 2005 - 6.500 points
    - 2006 - 3.400 points

    I give you this and you decid what is best for you.

    See what ofers you XFX and EVGA in package and what waranty gives you but i don't have the chanse to work with EVGA and know that in Europe the XFX is known as the best producer of video cards.
    I take the XFX because i don't wont to have surprises with EVGA.
    So go and buy the card who do you think is the best for you and you have trust.
    It's not worth to buy something you don't trust.
    Buy something you trust and have no regrets.
    Happy computing and shoping. :)
  7. Thanks Guys!
  8. All companies like eVGA, XFX, BFG, etc. overclock thier cards... And they all use the same technology (although some may include thier own memory heatspreaders or an aftermarket fan)... But they are in no way the same. I've owned several graphics cards from several different distributors and all I can say is that hands down, 100%, from now until the end of time, eVGA is the best.

    There are a couple reasons why eVGA kicks the ass of any other reseller out there. The cards they sell will probably give you the same performance of any other card by BFG or XFX or whatever but thier tech support and customer service is the best I've ever experienced. And I'm not the only one who feels that way... Goto and read a little bit on thier forums. Even people who are pissed because thier cards are burnt up have to admit that the customer service rocks. Which brings me to my next point. EVGA has a LIFETIME WARRANTY for all of thier graphics cards... That means that if anything ever goes wrong, they'll replace it with a new one... No questions asked. Another great thing about EVGA is that overclocking your card won't void your warranty. That's right, you can tweak that sucker until your fingers bleed and EVGA will still honor the warranty. AMAZING! Most other companies will void your warranty if they even see a fingerprint on the board. EVGA also has a step-up program. Basically, after you buy your card from them you can send it back for a newer model and only pay the difference...

    I recently had to RMA one of my cards to EVGA (damn samsung memory was faulty - not an issue with EVGA but with all 9700GT's)... Well, after filling out the RMA form, EVGA tech support called me! LOL, they called me at home on a Sunday to talk to me about my troubles! That's unheard of from most companies dude. Not only that but after about 15 minutes of trouble shooting they told me that they were going to send me a new card right away... They are paying for shipping of the new card and of the old card. The cool thing is they're letting me keep the old card until I get the new one so I never have to go without a vid card in my rig. It's called cross shipping and I think only EVGA offers that service.

    Long story short... EVGA will always take care of you... And they have quality products. Don't listen to anyone who says that all these different companies are the same.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Posting to see if my sig is working.
  10. Thank You Modulus :D
  11. Dude I dont think is right to talk that way about others because I didnt say anything wrong. Did I?
    Didnt you see he asked which one is better to get from and he mentioned "GeForce" so thats why I explained to him Geforce is the chip not a videocard maker. So I never said anything wrong
    Also about warrantys I couldnt say nothing because I havent tried any brand but eVGA. But mine GF6600 is going good so far.

  12. lol you're right slim142... Don't mind me, I'm just crabby in the morning.

    edited my previous post so it sounds a little nicer. :oops:
  13. Dont worry Modulus

    anyways thx for editing your post :o

  14. geforce isnt a company that supplys gfx cards, xfx and evga and others do, xfx and evga are both great, so it doesnt matter what you pick from those 2 options.
  15. I'd settle on the GPU you want first then the manafactuer. XFX and EVGA are good companies. I purchased my EVGA 7800GT card over the XFX simply because EVGA offered a lifetime warranty. Within 2 months of using the card it fried due to a PC accident on one stormy night. I called EVGA explained what happen, shipped them the fried card and was sent back a brand new replacement. Best money i ever spent and it was no hassle.
  16. yea, EVGA seems like a really great company. Good support and replacement service, considering all the recent Geforce 7xxx series problems I think they're handling it well.
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