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ok here it goes. i was using this program i got from techtv called screenbooty. what it does is that it changes your windows boot screen into whatever you created in the program. well when i rebooted to see what it looked like it came up with the screen that asked me to choose which operating system to boot and it was a choice between the file that i had created in screenbooty and the normal windows logo. well since i have a usb wireless keyboard i cannot choose because the keyboard is not connected to the reciver at that time......hence my problem. i can manually connect the two using the little red button on the bottom of the keyboard but i do not want to do this everytime. can anyone help me get to where you have your boot up screen file and delete what screenbooty put in there?

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  1. go to the root of your OS drive, which is probably C:

    open boot.ini with notepad

    edit to load only what you want

    see: <A HREF=";EN-US;q289022" target="_new">;EN-US;q289022</A>

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  2. thanks got it fixed

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