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I have just built a PC but I have MAJOR problems, could someone please help!
my spec is: AMD Athlon 1700XP 1.47Ghz processor
I have an Asus A7N266-C motherboard with that came with an ACR A6CH ACR card (sound card) and a GeForce2 Mx400 64Mb graphics card. The installation of the graphic card went fine, drivers and all. When I came to install the soundcard drivers I had real problems. Anyway I installed the first driver and I had sound but whenever I went into a graphics program or game it worked initialy and then when I exited the screen went beserk and my system crashed. I installed the second sound card driver, the sound completly shut off and I can use some of the graphics programs and games but not all. When Igo into these sort of programs the they either crashes right away, in the middle of use or when I exit. The screen resises, goes blurred and rolls.
I have been to both Nvidia website and Asus. I have had no reply. I have emailed technical support at my retailer THREE times, no reply.
I have been on the phone twice-both times they said theyd email me a manual, they didn't. Please please could someone with a little knowledge helpme out here, I am REALLY getting fraustrated.
ANY help would be much appreciated, thankyou
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  1. What is your OS?
    Have you flashed the latest BIOS?
    What size and brand of PSU?
    Type and amount of memory.

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  2. Thanks, I am using windows 98.
    My PSU is 250W but I only have one hardrive, cd rom drive and floppy disk drive so I thought this would be sufficient. I have 256 Mb of DDR RAM PC2100.
    I had real troubles installing the sound card, could it be the soundcard/graphicscard drivers conflicting? Or hav'nt I set my graphics card up properly?
    Thanks for your help
  3. try a normal sound card (disable that on board ACR $hit in the BIOS first) and see if it works OK. If it does, chalk it up to experience. If you look on usenet, other people ar having trouble with the onboard sound on that board.

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