Building A New System With AMD XP CPU

Hey everyone, I am new to this board. I just wanted everyone's advice and suggestion on which AMD XP CPU I should get and also what motherboard should I go with. I plan to use this new system for a server and also use it for playing games. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Im building a computer later this week, and I've been looking at the:

    Abit KX7-333 Via KT333/VT8233A ATA133/DDR333 SoA

    Now i don't know if people are having any trouble with these boards, but from reading up on it, it looks ok. it supports all the up-to-date features, and 2200+ SoA.

    As for your processor, I would go for the 2000+ (1.67Ghz)as the price difference (here at least) doesn't justify the minor jump in speed.

    Wait until you get a few more posts before splashing out though, other people will have different views, and may have had bad experiences with the above. It should be a good games machine, however, multiprocessor support might be a good idea if your running a server.
  2. what kind of server is it going to be for? how many simultaneous connections do you expect?

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