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Well, I finally got all of the parts for my system. I still have not installed the OS because I'm not sure what to go with. I'm planning on dual-booting Windows XP with either 98SE or 2000Pro. Which would be best since I have a 97 printer and some older games? I tried to run the Win98 FDisk. It didn't have any trouble with my 20gb drive, but it said my 80gb drive was only 10gbs even though the BIOS recognizes it at 80gb.

Also, my CPU got up to 54C or 129.2F after 30minutes. Is that considered hot? I have an AMD XP 1900 nonoverclocked with the AMD fan and heatsink. I also set the FSB to 133 in the BIOS. Is that the correct setting?

My case has 3 80mm fans. The one in the front is blowing in, while the one in the back and the one on the side are blowing out. The PS doesn't have any bottom vents. The 80mm fans on the front and back are running at 2600rpm.

If my CPU is running hot, I'm considering replacing the heatsink and fan at the local dealer where I bought my system and letting them put the thermal paste or greese on it. Can they do that carefully without destroying the AMD heatpad so that my warranty isn't voided?

Please forgive me if these are basic questions, but I'll be the first to admit that I haven't built a system in a long time (P166MMX) and have never built an AMD before. Thanks.


My system.

Generic case with 3 80mm fans and 300watt PS
AMD 1900XP
Soyo Ultra Dragon KT333
512 Megs of Samsung PC2700 (unfortunately CS2.5 instead of 2.0)
Gainward GeForce4 TI4200 with 128 meg DDR
Sony 16X DVD DDU1621
Phillips 32X CDR PCRW3210
Two WD ATA 100 7200 RPM Hard Drives (1 20gb, 1 80gb)
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  1. Keeping Win98 around just to use a 5+ year old printer & play old games seems crazy to me. Personally, I would throw your Win98 CD in the trash, but that's just me. Dual booting between 2K & XP seems redundant > pick either 1. To install, just boot from the CD & use the built in partition manager thingy.

    Your cpu temp seems fine, but maybe a AMD guru can confirm this.

    "Generic case" usually means generic power supply too. This may/will be your weakest link.

    Enjoy your new computer.



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  2. thats a perfectly fine temp for a cpu with stock heatsink.

    if its not crashing then its fine!

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