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i've been fighting with windows 7 pro on a dell d800 with intell pro wireless adapter. it had been working for weeks - now NO wireless networks can be seen - period. i've reinstalled the adapter, installed a different pcmcia adapter, did an 'upgrade' repair of the whole os. there is nothing wrong with my wap. the system had been seeing all my neighbors routers too... if i put my xp pro hard drive back in the laptop it works fine. no ms updates applied around the time it failed.
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  1. I have to ask since Intel has lots of different drivers for the pro series.
    Did you or do have the correct drivers for your version of windows?
    The other adapter did not see any wireless routers either?
    Now a few more questions,
    Which version of windows 7?
    Adapter model numbers?
    Model number of your router?
  2. thanks for the reply -
    No - i couldn't get the other adapter to see the wireless networks in and around my house. but the original worked fine when i put the xp disk back in.

    After posting, I put the new (windows 7) drive back in, and it saw and connected! I'm sorry i don't have an explanation. But thanks, again, for taking the time to help.
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