TO all the hardcore gamers and enthusiasts out ther YOU ROCK!!!

I just want a list of the games you play and really enjoy (more that 1, and no more than 10.)

Preferably in the RPG/FPS/RTS genres.

Also, the crazy graphics card you use to play it....:-)

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  1. the best games i have played in aprox order are

    1. half life 2
    2. hl2 episode 1
    3. UT2004
    4. fear
    5. farcry
    6. quake 3 arena(i got adicted)(first game i got)
    7. counterstrike
  2. haha well i shall note the games on "Longest played" order :lol:

    1. Midtown Madness (tnt riva 2)
    2. Midtown Madness 2 (tnt riva 2)
    3. gta3 (tnt riva 2 upgraded after a while > geforce mx460)
    4. gran turismo (PS1)
    5. gta vice city (geforce mx460)
    6. Age of Mythology (geforce mx460)
    7. doom2 (ati mach 64 :lol: )

    Like you can see i really really liked Midtown Madness back then. It really had something new to offer in gaming. The free roaming 8O :lol:
  3. For PC| Games Played mostly in order.
    1. Call Of Duty United Offensive
    2. Call of Duty
    3. Call of Duty 2
    4. Battlefield 2
    5.Counterstrike Source
    6.Counterstrike 1.6
    7.Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
    All running on: 2 XfX 512MB 7900GTXs
  4. I haven't really gotten into any of the newer games so a lot of games here will be older an not require a lot of graphics power. Also, most will be RTS since I love that genre.

    In no particular order ( except #1 :D )
    1. StarCraft (RTS)
    2. Conquest: Frontier wars (RTS)
    3. Dawn of War (RTS)
    4. Morrowind ( The predecessor to Oblivion ) (RPG)
    5. Tribes / Tribes 2 ( haha i cheated here posting 2 games in one spot :P ) (FPS)
    6. Half-life 2 (FPS)
    7. Quake 3 Arena (FPS)
    8. Worms Armageddon (Shoot 'em up not FPS)
    9. Unreal Tournament (FPS) (The first one, not the evil new ones)
    10. Pharaoh (City Builder)

    If you want to check out an inexpensive and nice looking FPS with lots of cool gameplay , check out Tribes 2 since you get a jetpack and can pull some crazy shots trying to shoot down other people in midair. I think it only costs about $5 or $10 by now. Also Worms is fun to play with 2 or 3 other buddies either online or on the same computer, and its also pretty cheap by now. As for RTS, StarCraft is THE standard by which RTS games are measured and it is also dirt cheap now for both it and its expansion. I use a Radeon 9600XT and I am planning on making a new computer soon, so right now I am busy researching the parts :D. Hope this helps

  5. 1) AOEII (Intel GMA 900)
    2) Battlefield 2 (GeForce 6800)
    3) Chess (Chessboard x1950xt gto ultra7950 in Triple Cross SLI With the Gravity Card)

    I played AOEII a bunch back in the day but when I went to college, I left my Desktop at home, in favor of my laptop, and still needed my video game release, so I got AOEII installed and WOW that game rules to this day. It has one of the best singleplayer gameplaying experiences out there and it will run flawlessly on almost anything built in the past 10 years. I'm bringing my desktop next semester though cuz I love the eye-candy in the newer games, plus I love BF2. Oh and Chess is awesome you should see it on my system.
  6. Since my humble beginins:
    (in Most played order)

    1:WarCraft 3 (Radeon 8500-Radeon 9600XT)
    2:HL2 (Radeon 9600 XT-Radeon X850XT PE)
    3:FarCry (Radeon 9600 XT-Radeon X850XT PE)
    4:WarCraft 2 (Matrox Millenium G200)
    5:Need For Speed:High Stakes (Matrox Millenium G200)
    6:Rainbow 6 (Radeon 7000 64 DDR)
    7:Dungeon Siege 2 (Radeon X850XT PE)
    8:NFSU 1,2 & MW (Radeon X850XT PE)
    9:Rise Of Nation (Radeon 8500-Radeon 9600XT)
    10:Guild Wars (Radeon 9600 XT-Radeon X850XT PE)

    And that about covers it...
  7. well here they are in no particular order:

    NFS porsche unleashed
    NFS High Stakes
    NFSU 1+2
    AOE2 w/ conquerors expansion
    Star Wars Battlefront
    Sim City 3000 Unlimited
    Fifa 2001
    Rollercoaster tycoon

    yeah that's about it, I was really into racing games about 2 years ago and beat the entire NFS series (cept for the ancient ones which just sucked... and most wanted cause it looks just like the new racing games that are trying to appeal to the street racer crowd and now they care more about making their characters look cool than about handling of the cars and graphics) I stopped pretty much all gaming about a year and a half ago cause my computer just couldn't handle them and I lost interest. Then I got Battlefront and started to play some more and then I played AOE2 which I had been playing a bit although not much during that year and a half. I used to love rollercoaster and sim city. Fifa has always been a good game as I love soccer. Now I have BF2 on the way and I hope it's as good as BF1!
  8. At the moment it would have to be...

    1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: SA)
    2. Need For Speed: Most Wanted
    3. Need For Speed Underground 2
    4. ToCA Race Driver 3
    5. Worms 4: Mayhem
    6. Command And Conquer: The First Decade (mainly Zero Hour)
    7. Playboy - The Mansion

    A real mixed bag I know, but all quite entertaining nonetheless.

    All played with ATI Radeon X800XL.
  9. YOUR NAME SAYS IT ALL!!!! DeusEx ROCKED! (on my Voodoo 3 5000 and again later on my Radeon 9700Pro)

    System Shock (Voodoo 3 5000)
    Half Life (Voodoo 3 5000)
    C&C Generals & Zero Hour (Radeon 9700Pro)
    Far Cry (Radeon 9700Pro and again later on my 8800GTX)
    Doom 3 (Radeon 9700Pro)
    Half Life 2 & Episode 1 (Radeon 9700Pro and again later on my 8800GTX)
    Company of Hereos (8800GTX)
    Test Drive Unlimited (8800GTX)
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (8800GTX)
    World in Combat and DiRT are next :wink:
  10. The least you could have done, is taking another deep breath till July 4th, and then revive this thread :roll:
  11. 1.oblivion
    2.aoe 3 (age of empires)
    3.medival toatal war
    4.aoe 2
    5lotr battle 4 middle earth

  12. 1.oblivion
    2.aoe 3 (age of empires)
    3.medival toatal war
    4.aoe 2
    5lotr battle 4 middle earth

  13. Quote:
    The least you could have done, is taking another deep breath till July 4th, and then revive this thread :roll:

    :tongue: - silly me
  14. Quote:
    The least you could have done, is taking another deep breath till July 4th, and then revive this thread :roll:

    :tongue: - silly me
  15. And a double post! OMG! You're one doomed space marine!

    *edit, replied to the wrong person!*
  16. i like newer games an some older:

    elder scrolls series (arena, daggerfall: 2dgenoa 2mb; morrowind 9700pro; oblivion: 7800 gtx sli)
    vegas (7800gtx sli)
    graw (7800gtx sli)
    nfs series (hot persuit 2: ti4400, ug1/2: 9700pro; mw: x850xtPE; carbon: 7800 gtx sli)
    dirt demo (7800 gtx sli)
    lost planet demo (same)
    hl2 (9700 pro)
    fear (x850xtPE)
    stalker (7800gtx sli)
    ut2k4 (ti4400)
    doom (9700pro)
    far cry (9700 pro)
    cod 2 (x850xtPE???)
    gtr2 (7800gtx sli)
    live for speed (x850xtPE)
    xIII (7800gtx sli)
    battlefront2 (x850xtPE)
    toca3 (7800gtx sli)
    serious sams (ss1/ss:se: gf2gts 32mb (memories))
    super granny 3 (qx6700@3.6GHz; 8800Ultra SLI, hamsterwheel cooling system)
  17. First to Last, Most Enjoyed to Less

    1.Counter-Strike: Source (FPS) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [180-280 FPS Average]
    2.HL2 (FPS) Back when I played, nVidia 6600 312MB PCI-E [75-110 FPS Average]
    3.Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (FPRPG) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [125-200 FPS Average]
    4.Guild Wars (RPG) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [250-300 FPS Average]
    5.Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (RPG) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [850-1050 FPS Average]
    6.Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne (RTS) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [320-450 FPS Average]
    7.CoD2 (FPS) nVidia 7950 GT KO PCI-E [300-400 FPS Average]

    These 7 games rock :)
    My card = Bang for the Buck.
  18. In no real order

    1. Half-life 1 (and expansions) Half life 2 (and ep1)
    2. starcraft (and broodwar)
    3. Morrowind and oblivion
    4. dawn of war (series)
    5. medieval 2 total war
    6. Jedi outcast and Jedi acadamy
    7. company of heros
    8. supreme commander
    9. mechwarrior4 (because I am still hopeing for a mechwarrior5 someday :cry: )
    10. Tie fighter (I know it is old but it is still a very good game)

    I play all but Tie fighter and a few other old games on my 8800GTX
    I hope to get an old computer up and running soon to play Tie fighter and some others that don't like xp much)
  19. July 4th?
  20. I enjoyed a lot of games in my life.... went from console to my first PC (386) and on today but the most and i mean the most i enjoyed Resident Evil 2 about 7-8 years ago on my Voodo4, i don't remember the exact year.

    Other cool games i enjoyed a lot:
    1. Drakan
    2. Half Life (the first one)
    3. Star Craft
    4. Diablo 2
    5. Summoner
    6. Battle Field 2
    7. all NFS games from the 1st one to Carbon
    8. Quake 3 ( only on LAN, got addicted as soon as i learned to strafe :))
    9. MK4
    10. Duke3d (i was so little back then, and it was one of the 1st FPSs)
    11. Doom1 ( the 2nd fps i ever played finished it 3 times, the 1st FPS i played Wolf3d)

    Man i could write top 1000 games i liked but these are the ones that influenced me since i was a kid. Todays games just don't bring a lot new stuff to gameplay... but the graphics and physics are getting better by the day.

    Looking forward to Star Craft 2.

    I forgot to mention one of the best RTS i ever played was Total Anihilation.

    EDIT: Carmageddon 2 olso ROCKED!!! And The Legacy of Kane: Soul Reaver series were one of the best games i ever played, EVER!!
  21. Right on a d2 fan :D
  22. Gothic (Geforce 3 Ti200) - great experience; kept me glued to my computer for an entire Summer. Still probably my personal favorite game ever.

    Asheron's Call (Geforce 2 MMX or whatever the letters were) - It was my first MMORPG and I got so addicted. It was unbelievably smooth even on dial up. AC ruined me for all of the current MMORPGs because it was so much deeper.

    I miss the days when you knew for sure that every character you'd meet in an MMORPG was an actual human. I so many great conversatioins with people from all over the world in AC. Just sitting around talking.

    Deus Ex (Voodoo 3 3000) - came bundled with my sound card (along with Thief 2 and Unreal Tournament - still the best bundle of all time)

    Baldur's Gate and Fallout (4 mb VGA display adapter on a Compaq Presario 1235) - My crappy old laptop ran these games great.

    HL 2 (GeForce 7600 GT) - Best single player experience ever, all things considered. Not 100% perfect, but nothing is.
  23. Quote:
    July 4th?

    Prior to reviving the thread, the last post was on July 4th 2006.
  24. LOL - can't wait for Crysis..
  25. wc2
  26. They make games other than Counter-Strike:Source?
  27. Joking^^

    In no particular order, these are the games I enjoyed most and what I played them on:

    1. AOE with Rome Expansion (any computer can play it)
    2. FarCry (x850xtpe)
    3. Halo:Combat Evolved(xbox/x850xtpe)
    4. Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 (any pc can play)
    5. SiN:Episodes (x850xtpe)
    6. HL2 series (x850xtpe/x1950Pro)
    7. CounterStrike:Source (x850xtpe/x1950Pro)
    8. Fable:TheLostChapters
    9. GranTurismo2 (PS1)
    10. SuperMarioWorld (SNES)
    11. Legend of Zelda:OoT (N64) (I know this is more then 10, sue me)
    12. Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (I especially liked the GC remake of 1)

    Lots of other games I could add, but those all have either taken a lot of my time, or I really enjoyed them.

  28. Good picks I can't believe I forgot to mention Zelda OoT and the Halos.
  29. Games that I have played and enjoyed the most.

    1) NWN1- had most fun and first online game that i played.
    2) WOW- had a lot of fun, but wasnt playing enough to enjoy best parts
    3) BFME2- Multiplayer is addicting
    4) NWN2- solid game, but quirky. Spell graphics are really good.
    5) HL2- would be #1, but not that interested in FPS online. best game solo.
    6) Age of Wonders 2- 20 solid hours of fun
    7) Might and Magic Dark messiah. Awesome game, but HL2 was first and has vehicles. Played some multiplayer, pretty intense.
    8)- all the rest......
  30. ut2004 mod carball, only thing to Come have fun. :P

  31. 1. stalker
    2. fifa07
    3. zer hour

    thats it for now currently


    1. crysis
    2. call of dute 4
    3. medal of honor airbourne

  32. (In order)
    counter-strike 1.6
    half life 1
    counter strike source
    battle field 2
    natural selection
    battle field 1942
    all played on a ati radeon x700 pro!
  33. Leisure Suit Larry 1-5 (never played 6 and 7 :non: )
    Space Quest 1-4 (typing FTW! :D )
    Police Quest 1-4
    King's quest 1,2,5,7 (3 was too difficult :pt1cable: never did like four, and six past me completely)
    Zak mckracken and the alien mindbenders
    Maniac mansion 1-2
    Indiana Jones 3-6
    Monkey Island 1-4
    :sarcastic: I see a pattern evolving here.
    After my 'adventure' fling I noticed the best storielines where to be found in FPS so I discovered Half-life and Deus-ex (allthough not really an FPS) and stuff like Farcry,Halo,FEAR and STALKER. Right now I'm looking forward to Bioshock, Crysis, Halo 3, Farcry 2, FEAR sequels, Half-life episodes and anything else giving me the pleasure of killing off a lot of baddies in new and interesting ways :bounce:

    Quite a change from pointing and clicking but hey... the worlds a violent place and I enjoy that (on my PC :whistle: )

    *edit* I like the new smilies! Can you tell? :sol:
  34. :hello: How come no GRAW? :pfff: if you like to shoot baddies in the face then I suggest you try this one, I'm currently doing GRAW2 :sol: and so far it's just as good as the first with the added bonus of being able to save at any time! :bounce:
  35. Honestly? I've tried GRAW (got a free copy with my GTX) and I could just see one colour... brown :sleep: . Plus I like being Rambo and go at it all alone so I tend to try and shoot teammembers in the back or even in the face just to get rid of them :kaola: Sometimes they don't like this behaviour though and you have to start again (don't remember if that's the case in GRAW though). Also I like fantasy/sci-fi settings and GRAW is a little to serious for me so. I like the ragdoll dance... it's one of my favorite things to try in a game. See example:

    I can recommend reading the entire story... it's a great background to Half-life 2 and attempts to give a messed up explanation to some places you'll visit in HL2. You'll never look at Ravenholm the same way again :D
  36. I want my money back. This wasn't fun at all. ;)
  37. My top games of all time??

    1 Tie Fighter => S3 Virge DX
    2 Doom(1 and 2) => S3 Virge DX
    3 Homeworld Cataclysim => Ti 500
    4 Aqua Nox => Ti 500
    5 Homeworld 2 => 6800 GT
    6 Aqua Nox 2 => Ti 500
    7 Homeworld => Ti 500
    8 Doom 3 => 6800 GT
    9 Fear Combat => 8800 GTS
    10 Star Wars Rebelion => S3 Virge DX

    And many more I am not going to list
  38. Ever? In no particular order..

    Fallout2, pc, no 3D :p

    NFL 2k (pick year... we'll say... 2k5) for Xbox (you didn't specify PC)

    Master of Orion II, arguably best strategy game ever, I still play it 12 years later, PC, again no 3D.

    Toy Commander for Dreamcast (highly recommended if you have a DC)

    Final Fantasy for the NES, the first game that really owned my life for a while :P

    Half-Life 2, X1950XTX at the time (though not really for this specific game)

    GTA 3, a Geforce 4 4200 at the time

    Age of Empires II, PC, no 3D

    Tie Fighter, PC no 3D

    Neverwinter Nights, World of Warcraft and the Original Everquest,
    Geforce 4 ti 4200, Radeon x800 then x1950, and Riva Tnt2 Ultra (respectively.)
  39. 1) DUCK HUNT
    2) Company of Heroes (RTS)
    3) Ocarina of Time
    4) Command And Conquer: Red Alert (RTS)
    5) Call of Duty (FPS)
    6) Call of Duty 2 (FPS)
    7) FEAR (FPS)
    8) Rome: Total War (Turn based strategy)
    9) Doom 3 (FPS)
    10) Doom 1 (FPS)
  40. I like my good old clean games:

    1.american conquest

    2. rct 1

    3. lords of the realm 2 VERY OLD GAME

    4. combat flight simulator

    rome total war rates high with me but i dont own it. im running ati 224 mb integrated shared video on a toshiba 1.6 ghz cpu with 715 mb of ram
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