845G and DDR333

I have two related questions.

1. Quoting the Episode II: Attack of the Chipsets article regarding the 845G:
"Its memory controller is made for DDR memory based on the PC1600, PC2100, but also PC2700 or DDR333 standard."
If this is indeed the case, why can't I find any 845G motherboards that include the "DDR333" part in their memory interface description? They all seem to talk about DDR200/266. Why no DDR33?

2. I know that hardware incompatibility issues sometimes arise. That is, I buy brand X soundcard and it doesn't work well with motherboard Y. Now, is this an issue with Y's manufacturer or Y's chipset? For certain stability and compatibility, are Intel motherboards the way to go?


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  1. I was wondering about this myself. Evidently, no 845G boards support DDR333 because Intel's own specs say the max memory speed is DDR266. See, for example, http://program.intel.com/shared/products/chipsets/845g/845g_pb.pdf.

    The authoritative information on this part is ftp://download.intel.com/design/chipsets/datashts/29074601.pdf. I've only read the first few pages, but nowhere does it contain the string "333".

    So the questions to authors of Episode II: Attack of the Chipsets are:

    1. Where do you get your info that the 845G supports DDR333?

    2. Where did you get the Gigabyte GA-8IGXP moboard? As far as I can tell from Gigabyte's web site the their 845G board is called the GA-8IGX (no "P").

    3. If you are overclocking the chipset memory controller, that is great, but come clean on what is really going on.

    My conclusion, is that perf of 845E and 845G moboards with DDR266 mem will be essentially identical. Do you agree?


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