Gigabyte GA-7VRXP Problem

I recently purchased the parts to build a new computer and all went fine untill i tried to run a Direct 3D game, all Direct 3D games lock-up. If i run them in software they work but the graphics are crap obviously. So i thought the problem would be the video card i took out the Geforce 3 Ti200 and put in my friends Geforce 4 Ti4400 but it wouldnt let me install the dirvers and i had all kinds of graphical glithces happening. So I decided to put the Geforce 3 Ti200 in my friends computer to see if it locked up and it didn't. Therefore I believe this rules out the Video-Card and can only leave the motherboard responsible.

Here are my system Specifications.
AMD Atlhon XP 2000+
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP
256MB Kingmax DDR333
Onboard Network/Sound/Raid.
Ge-Force 4 Ti4400.
Swansmart Internal Modem.
Pioneer 16x40x DVD-ROm.
Yamaha 24x8x8x CD-Burner (Kept from old computer)

Any help appreciated.
I can only think it is a dodgy motherboard, i only purchased these itmes recently so they are still under warranty to return.

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  1. These are the operating systems i have tried.

    MS Windows XP
    MS Windows ME
    MS Windows 98 SE

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  2. Someone out there must have had this problem before, there is a new bios on the website but the list of fixes has nothing like what my problem is.

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  3. Well, this doesn't seem good. I have the exact same motherboard and processor as you and -- here it comes -- I get lockups in 3D applications as well. Actually, I've yet to run through 3DMark2001 in its entirety with it locking up on me. Yet I'm not sure that it's the motherboard yet, because when I swap the 2000+ for a 1600+ everything works great and my system never freezes. I initially thought it might be a power issue so I put a 520 watt power supply in my system and it still happens. For reference, I have a GeForce4 Ti4400.

    I've never heard of anyone getting these problems other than people with the 7VRXP and the 2000+ so it must be a problem with the board and its support for said processor. Either that or AMD put out a bad batch of processors, but if that were the case then we'd be hearing a whole lot more about it.

    Like you said, the Gigabyte website has a newer BIOS (F6) but it doesn't seem to address the problem we're having. However, it's worth a shot. I'll flash my board with F6 and report back here with the results later.
  4. How could we find out if it is the motherboard or the CPU, I have flashed the bios to version F6 and it didnt work, anyone else out there with the same problem.

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  5. Which would be more likely, Gigabyte producing a motherboard which cant handle the XP2000+ and not telling anyone about it, or AMD releasing a bad batch of Processors and not telling anyone about it.

    You see it locks up at random times in games, like i might get 3 laps through a car race and then lock-up or it might be on the start line it locks up.

    I thought with mine it might be a heat issue so i took the side of the case of and blew a huge pedestal fan on the fing and had it running at 41 degrees celcius but it still locked up.

    So we are down to one of two things. Dodgy CPU, or Dodgy Motherboard.

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  6. Fortoms review he used a Athlon XP 2100+ in his computer, you would think if the motherboard cant handle a 2000+ it wouldnt be able to handle a 2100+ ???

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  7. Just so you know, in non-direct 3D applications, like word/excell, championship manager 2001/2002 it doesnt lock up. Would this lead to it more being an issue with the motherboard, or the CPU

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  8. Here is what my CPU has written on it to see if we have one from the same batch.

    "AMD Atlhon"
    "AG0IA 0206WPAW"

    Is yours similar?

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  9. It's the motherboard that has major problems! If you look on the net you'll see that lots of people have problems getting this mobo to work in AGP x4 with a GeForce 4

    The solution with many of them is raise the Vcore with 7.5%

    Many people bought this mobo because THG recommended it and are very disappointed.

    Check these links:

    I think the authors of the big mobo test should look into this asap before anymore ppl buy this mobo.
  10. if you have a good PSU i'll not count that, but have you measured how hot your CPU is getting during 3d applications?

    just a thought
  11. Probably either the power supply or driver revision. I'll fix it for you for $40, plus parts if it needs a power supply. I do this same kind of work on contract for a local shop.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  12. i have a similar setup with

    256Mb PC2700

    and am having no problems with the board or games etc..

    3DMark2001SE - 9854

    just to point out that not everyone is getting these problems with this board. am running F4 bios BTW
  13. I took the motherboard back after reading the other forums and showing them to the guys at the store, I now have an Epox 8K3A+ in thier and am having no problems, thatnx for all your help.

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  14. I still believe THG should post something about this problem. It's clearly not an isolated thing when you read the other forums and it even happens with 450 watt power supply.
  15. Hi,
    I am using an Athlon XP 1700+ and get intermittent lockups in games too. This mobo has multiple problems and I don't know why it was rated so high by THG. I flashed it to the F6 bios to see if it would correct a couple of problems, which it did, but now NONE of my PCI cards are useable because the motherboard BIOS will enable whatever chipset features I have enabled, but it no longer sees any card I put in any PCI slot(s). It is the last time I will ever buy a gigabyte motherboard. From now on I will stick to the MSI and EPOX motherboards. I have been building PCs for 14 years now and this GA-7VRXP has given me more trouble than all the other motherboards combined. They don't even answer any emails you send to them. I am using a GEFORCE2 PRO video card in there. This mobo has plenty of nice features, but what good is it if the BIOS is garbage code and every new rev they come out with fixes some old problems, but create new problems. They need new engineers there to write their code!!!!!
  16. I spoke to a pc shop yesterday and he advised me to stay away from that gigabyte board. He said that almost half of them got returned to him because people couldn't get it to work stable. I think that says enough.
    Still no response from THG, nor from any of the mails I send them.
  17. I agree with you guys that something should be said in his review, obviously there is some good ones out there or just lucky ones with the hardware they have placed in the motherboard but something should be done.

    There is nothing on the website about the problem i get no replies from Gigabyte about the problem at all. The only thing that concerns me is that if you do a search in say google for a review of this motherboard all of the reviewers give it 90% plus.

    How come no-one but us buyers have this problem, do they personnally select good motherboards to sen to places like toms hardware.

    The other thing is maybe this thread should be locked in for a little while so that everone who visits can see the problem and avoid the motherboard.


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  18. Well F4 BIOS would not work with the NUMLOCK OFF. The beta BIOS's I tried would not enable the L2 cache and I had no control over the PCI IRQ slot assignments. The F6 code fix boots up with L2 cache enabled, and NUMLOCK OFF feature also works, but no card is seen in a PCI slot, no matter what card I try. I think testers just go with a barebones system and therefore they wouldn't know about a "real" type system as a "normal" end user would build. I tried flashing back to F4 Bios, but the PCI cards are still not seen by the motherboard BIOS. All the chipset features can be set enabled and they work fine, but it is as if the PCI bus is not being scanned and this board has very little user help in software switches, and no hardware CMOS CLEAR jumper. I am hoping that they come out with a new BIOS code that fixes what F6 screwed up. I moved that motherboard into a secondary [backup] system because I can't have a disaster like that in a main system. This main system I'm on now has the MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU motherboard in it and it works just fine and dandy, and ALL the BIOS features work. If gigabyte doesn't come out with a BIOS fix for the F6 code soon, I am just going to replace that mobo with the EPOX 8K3A+ which they also give a free USB 2.0 PCI card with. I like EPOX and MSI best from my years of personal experience. I think people who review products are under too much pressure to produce an article FAST and don't check all the features of the hardware to make sure it ALL works, and they are probably also under pressure not to bad-mouth big company hardware either or they might fall into bad graces with too many big people. The poor end user is always the one who suffers, and board like these at least help people to see problems they might encounter BEFORE they buy. Have a nice day!
  19. still no news from gigabyte

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  20. the gigabyte website is now actually advertising that they won the "Toms Hardware Guide Award for 2002" award for thier motherboard, something has to be done about this.

    And Quickly

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  21. "Many people bought this mobo because THG recommended it and are very disappointed."

    same thing with the kt 133a chipset boards. tom rated them very high and never mentioned the southbridge bug. many of us went and bought them and were very disappointed. i think he bases his reviews on advertising. right when you connect to this site you're blasted with gigabyte ads etc...

    ....the birds seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  22. Well I sure will check twice in the future before believing anything THG writes. This site used to give out great, unbiased information. Well that time is long gone.
    And he doesn't respond to any mails, I know of at least 2 other people who send him a mail about their problems with the GA-7VRXP board. The ignoring speaks for itself I believe!
  23. I have been having the same problems with this board.
    I bought it on the recommendation of this site and to say I am disappointed is an understatement.
    to top it all the board has blown a MOSFET but still works very strange.I have e-mailed Gigabyte twice and been ignored on both occasions surely there is something the Tomshardware guys can do about all these problems.

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  24. This time around with my computer upgrades I have had nothing but problems.

    First, I ordered a Gainward Ti 4600 Geforce 4 "Golden Promise" that was bad - both Gainward and Newegg said that they had been shipping units with bad memory. The bummer was that Newegg could not guarantee a replacement was good either :-(

    Second, Gigabyte GA-7VRXP. On Tom's review and recommendation, I bought this, and while it was shipping read a bunch of information, but decided to find out for myself - and boy did I! Just about every problem mentioned in this thread hit me. I have since received the Abit KX7-333R, and couldn't be happier. In my book, Abit rules for mobo flexibility and performance.

    Third - the AMD XP 2100+ CPU I ordered was defective - it wouldn't boot with either of the above motherboards. So for now I'm stuck with my ancient T'bird 1.33ghz :)

    I learned a very valuable lesson, though. For years I have respected the reviews and the advice of Tom's Hardware Guide, but this particular experience has taught me to take this (and all) review site with a grain of salt. Whether it is the beginnings of lethargy or not I'm not sure, but Tom has lost a notch with this e-consumer.
  25. Very true, and STILL not a single respons from anyone at THG. I for one am looking out for other better and more objective review sites. If they don't even bother to answer I don't bother reading their reviews any longer.

    It was al better when Tom was working alone and all of this was just a sidejob.
  26. I have to say that after I finally got my memory settings correct I've had no problems whaysoever w/this board.

    I'm only running a 1.1ghz Duron
    w/ ATI Radeon 8500
    512mb pc2700 corsair
    enermax case/powersupply (330W I think)
    I dont play that many games but I've never had any problems with counterstrike or castle wolfenstein.

    I'm very happy w/this system.


    Rock me Amadeus,

    Bill D.
  27. From what I have read on other sites this seems to be mainly a problem with XP processors and the revision 1.1 boards.
    There is a problem with the voltage regulators not being able to supply enough juice.
    Strangly enough the MOSFET that has blown is one for the CPU voltage which has caused the voltage to drop by 0.5 volts but I have compensated but uping the voltage in the bios.
    To be fair I don't think the blame lies fully at Tom's door they base their reviews on a single board.
    It would be nice to get some kind of response though.
    I am a Moderator on a large UK site and the least I would do is acknoledge the problem and post a reply.
    Come on guy's give us some feed back here.
  28. Hi Bill,

    It seems that most of the problems come when you try to use this board together with a Geforce 4. Most believe that the board cannot supply sufficient power to the Geforce which causes it to crash.
  29. Same thing with the ATI 8500 I believe lack of juice.
    Thing is though it's plastered all over the box and stickers on the Motherboard that it supports the Geforce 4.
    I've now sent 3 e-mails to support at Gigabyte and no reply but I can keep sending the same e-mail for ever if necessary.
    I'll let you know if I get the situation resolved other wise it looks like I'll be taking Gigabyte through the courts.
  30. Everyone is saying that you can;t believe Tom's Hardware anymore but the fact of the matter is that every single review of the motherboard i have seen have give it 85% plus. Gigabyte must be hand selecting boards which work perfectly and sending them off to places like Tom's Hardware that work. As one guy said in a different thread he, sets his bios to optimal, then just goes without a hitch, he's running an Athlon XP 2100+ w/Geforce 4 Ti4400.

    There is obviously some good ones out there just not many. There is a poll at AMDMB in thier formus "Does your Gigabyte Motherboard Work?" I thought it was pretty funny. Tom isnt the person we should be harrasing gigabyte is.

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  31. Psyclone, yes you are right, maybe they handpicked the boards. However that is still no excuse to ignore all the problems with it, leave readers in the cold, ignore all e-mails and not retest it! How many more people are going to buy this board and run into problems because they read the 'Gigabyte GA-7VRXP: One of the Best' article?
  32. Just an update on my problem.
    I RMA'd my board today after phoning Gigabyte and them telling me to return it to my vender.
    My new board has 2 differences that I spotted straight away.
    1) the CPU arm is plastic the first was steel
    2) the MOSFET's have little round hollows on top ie: different drand.
    The upshot is that this board is 110% stable everything runs correctly cpu runs 5 degrees cooler all voltages are higher.
    My advice would be to RMA you'r problem board as the difference between the 2 is amazing
  33. I have ALL the problems listed here all the time.
    I will be RMA'ing my board, but that sucks, as I wont be able to collect the new board until next Saturday from the delivery depot, that is even if the vendor will turn it around that quick, which they dont usually do!!
  34. I've just had a look at the review again and guess what ?
    The review board has the plastic cpu arm and the same MOSFET's as my new board.
    Looks like there are 2 versions of the 1.1 board one that works perfectly as in the review and one that's a piece of useless rubbish.
    My question is why have Gigabyte let this continue why have they not issued a product recall,surely that would be better than having their name dragged through the dirt on every support forum around the world.
  35. Hmmm, yeah, you're right, I checked it out too. The mosfets are those small black square things between the AGP and CPU right? Mine are layed out pretty much the same but I'm not sure they're the same brand(mine are NEC K3405 22M) My CPU arm is metal. Gonna see if my dealer has the one you have.
  36. can you post a link the the picture of the board? Thanks.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  37. Damn this crap is amazing me too have the same problem with the gf4 TI4600...i cant believe it...u buy a new pc in 2000$ and get [-peep-] for the money...they shoulf recall all the mobos and give us the full working ones!!

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  38. Agreed. We actually just bought 2 of the 7VRXP Motherboards and experienced the same problem on both of them. I have called Gigabyte and the vendor both to find resolution to the problem, but the claim that it isn't a widespread issue and are uncertain of what the solution might be. Aparently not enough people have called in to warrant a recall or red flag. I did however send them links to a number of threads that are bashing Gigabyte for this problem.

    The mentioned "patch" in other threads of raising the core CPU Voltage by 7.5% has stabalized both systems for the meantime, but at the cost of 6-7 degrees celsius (no load). I personally don't want to run my CPU that hot all day and night because they didn't design the board right.
  39. i just purchased this mobo from newegg (because of the review here on tomshardware) for a friend of mine who isn't on the internet yet. i tried to get him to get the soltek, but then after we read the review on the gigabyte board we though it was THE ONE!
    so right after i order it and he goes home, i get on here tonight and everyomne is all of a sudden raising hell over it being a p.o.s?? wtf!
    anybody have any suggestions on what i should do now?

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  40. Open Letter To Tom@Tom's Hardware,

    can I trade you my crappy mobo for the one you tested?
  41. actually I had the same problem with toms review of the ECS K7S5A. I purchased this motherboard with a 1900+ with the expectancy to run at 1900+. The cute thing is that it would not run stabile at the 133 fsb, being forced down to the 100 fsb (1200mhz) None of this was on THG's review, but then again, I'm sure they got a "lucky" board. ECS has yet to release a fix for this on their motherboard, despite well over 2000 calls for help on their web site's knowledge base.

    It's not really THG's fault, but i wish they would post problems or revisements on the reviews.
  42. I have 2 of the Gigabyte boards, both revision 1.1, with plastic CPU arms, etc. Neither one of them will safely finish a 3dMark2001SE test unless I raise the VCORE +7.5%. I have changed numerous settings, loaded and reloaded windows XP. It's always the same result. As of right now, with the vcore raised, I can run 3dMark all day getting 10,500+. I too purchased these boards on recommendation of the review, and although I have seen quite a few posts with fixes, none of them work except the vcore (which in my opinion isn't a fix). For the record both machines are identical with GF4 Ti 4600, AMD 2100+.

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  43. I have the same problem when I using KingMax DDR333. It almost driver me crazy. But when I replcae my memory with my friend's Nanya DDR333, the problem is gone.

    What do you guys think??
    My VGA card is PNY Gefore4 Ti4400 and AMD AthlonXP 1900+.
  44. This is for everyone having problems with the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP and what to maybe look for.

    First of all I have this mother board with a Athlon XP 2000+, 512Meg Samsung Memory, GeForce 4 Ti4600, and a SoundBlaster Audigy. Bios version F4 (rock solid) and now F6 (rock solid too) drivers 4in1 4.38a, 29.42 Nvidia driver, and latest sound blaster audigy driver. Also Windows XP Pro. I bought this system early April before Tom's review, but based my purchase on other review sites (or because it was the only board at the time from where I buy computer parts from). And has been rock solid in 3d apps. and other programs.

    First go here and read the five reviews of this motherboard. I believe there were two reviews that stated they had problems with the first revision board which was 1.0. 7VRXP VIA KT333

    Anyways to look for is the Mobo revision mine is 1.1 If it is version 1.0 it is old and should be replaced. Next look on the SouthBridge and see if the number ends with a CE like mine. If it had CD (I think) there was bugs in that chip and should be replaced. If you have version 1.1 and the CE southbridge and still locking up in 3D Apps. then try some BIOS settings. Try loading fail safe settings and see if things become more stable. Then try loading optimized settings and see if problem goes away too. If not try setting the CL to 2.5, also try the SDRAM Command Rate to 2. Another thing mentioned in the Users Manual is that you can access hidden advance BIOS settings by pressing CTRL-F1 to enter the BIOS instead of DEL. These advance functions are located in the Chipset Feature Setup as with the above mentioned settings. Now I don't know what the advance settings do, but they do change when you load the fail safe bios settings and the optimized bios settings. Hope these suggestions help.

    Good Luck!!


    I just later found out that Bios version F6 seems to not let you hit Ctrl-F1 to get into the advance settings. Either Gigabyte has disabled this feature to the end user, or it is a different key combination now, or I'm just not hitting it at the right time to access it.
    Sorry<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by IceShock on 06/23/02 01:49 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  45. me and a friend of mine just built and tested his last night. it worked fine (i was a kinda worried it was going to crash) it didn't though we ran rtcw, dungeon siege, and neverwinter nights for about an hour or so and not one crash, or stutter. looked great and he had one of the boards with a metal zif lever, so i don't know, maybe they just put out a bad batch or something??
    he wa runing windows 98, 512 - 2100 generic ddr ram, and an ati 8500le. everything was smooth as silk.

    Wait a minute... Hold on... I'm supposed to do what?!
  46. Apparently the revision 1.1 boards still have a lot of problems.

    This little cathode light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
  47. wow this forum is a revalation.
    Ive been strugling with a athlon 2000/Giga GA7VRX/ Geforce 4600 for about 2 weeks.

    Firstly please understand I am a techno retard.
    I know NOTHING.

    Can I assume that any problems with the GA7VRXP will occur with the GA7VRX? (same board without RAID)??

    My board is rev 1.1, but Im still having major problems.
    wont pass 3Dmark, and also it wont autorun certain disks??(wierd I know)

    I took it to a shop and they tried new memory & CPU, then said it was fine.

    It runs games but wont run 3D mark and wont autorun CDs and certain games that require CD to be inserted for copyright protection, say insert CD when the CD is already in.
    if I click on my computer, it finds the CD no problem, and installs no problem so it aint a case of dirty disks.

    I understand the 3D mark issue is probably down to the mobo, but is the CD-Rom (installed correctly, new 52 speed etc) having problems because of the mobo or is this likely to be something else?

    finally if all my problems are due to this motherboard, then what should I replace it with? as I got PC2700 and a ATA133 HDD, if possible I would like to use them at their full potential, but most of all I want a PC that works.

  48. CTRL-F1 does work in F6 ... press Del to go into BIOS and then CTRL-F1 when in there. Now select Chipset Features and you will see the other settings.

    On a related note, there's a poster over at who has released a modded version of F6e (and F4 and F7e-Beta) that shows the advanced settings by default. am running the modded F6e myself with no issues
  49. Thanks for the info. It sure does work. I was thinking of trying that, but it escaped my mind. Although I just thought it would still be the same as the user's manual states.
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