what is everybody's opinion on the best games that they have played :?:
my list is probly :arrow:
1. Half Life 2(IMO the best game ever)
2. HL2 episode One(short but still awesome)
3. Quake 3 Arena(game ive played the most EVER)(first game i got for pc)
4. UT2004
5. The Punisher
6. Fear
6. Farcry
7. UT2003
8. Half Life(crap now, but good in its time)
10. NFS Most Wanted
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  1. Bit of a FPS junkie then, eh? :wink:
  2. Hmm, this would be a tough one. I'll list some of the games I enjoyed the most, but don't take the order of them to mean anything as it would take me hours to determine the "rack and stack." Some of these I've actually reloaded and played in the last year thanks to some of the new DOS emulators for Windows. And no doubt I'll leave off a few dozen that someone else will mentioned (and I'll go...oh yeah, that was a really good one!)

    1. X-com: UFO Defense
    2. Civ I (the only game I ever played 48 hours straight except for potty and food breaks)
    3. Master of Orion I and II
    4. Starcontrol II (still probably the best Space/RPG/Adventure game of all time!)
    5. Red Storm Rising
    6. Far Cry (the first game I remember in which the graphics floored me)
    7. Half Life I (the first game that literally scared me out of my seat)
    8. Ultima IV - VI
    9. C&C, Starcraft, Warcraft (count as one game because they're all the same right? (-; )
    10. Oblivion (my current game, the second game in which the graphics floored me)
    11. Sentinal Worlds
    12. Elite (is there any modern games that come close? what's this "X" game I've heard about)
    13. Wavy Navy (ok, forgive me, I just loved this game on the Apple)
    14. Battlezone / Stellar 7 (I have a soft spot in my heart for vector graphics)

    That's enough for now. Oh, the memories.
  3. 1. Original Unreal Tournament (started my real hardcore gaming)
    2. Warcraft 2 (first game I played all night in lan)
    3. GRAW
    4. Frontline Force (mod of hl 1 and first game I joined a clan)
    5. Farcry (best single player)
    6. FEAR
    7. Warcraft 3 (probably the game I spent the most time playing to date)
    8. CS:S (still the game I play the most)

    The other games I've played just all blend in together.
  4. 1. BF2 (gatta love sniping those fools!!)
    2. Quake 1 (yes the FIRST quake and the best one ever!...im such a junky)
    3.F.E.A.R. (played it 6 months ago and still having nightmares... =/
    4.Star Crarft (Zergs owns all!)
    5.Conquer Online (must of played it for ages trying to reach newborn lvl 120)
    6.Duke Nukem 3D
  5. 1. Star Craft and the expansion. I still play that game from time to time..
    2. Need for Speed 2 (the one that requires 16mb RAM)
    3. Far Cry
    4. Diablo 2
    5. Age of empires 1
    6. Oregon Trail 2
    7. Word Munchers
    8. Myst (The origional)

    All of these except Far Cry ran on my 90mhz P1 48 RAM from 1994. THat computer rocked. It played games smothly through 1998. On low but that's still amazing. THe case was solid steel. I weighed in at around 40lbs.
  6. My list (no particular order):

    1. Civilization II
    2. Master of Orion II
    3. Caesar III
    4. Age of Empires I
    5. Hardwar
    6. X - Beyond The Frontier / X-Tension
    7. X3 - Reunion
    8. Pro Evolution Soccer 2005 (until the next one comes out)
    9. Football Manager 2006 (until the next one comes out)
    10. Tetris :!:
  7. I think the game that sucked away the largest portion of my life would be XCOM: UFO Defense. A great game. So much mystery and great tactical decisions. When is this going to be remade, anyway? Imagine if you will, XCOM with great graphics and physics. Woot!
    Anyway, on a more recent vein, I tried the Prey demo and was pretty darn impressed. I'm sorry to say, but this game looks like it will be the most innovative game that I've played in at least 3 or 4 years. Halflife2's got nothing on this game.
    Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time on Guild Wars: Factions. I love the beginning of the game. Very exciting to explore and progress. Was on the first one two, but it pittered out real fast. We'll see with this one.
    Just my two cents. :D
  8. It's hard to list them all... but the most memorable ones for me are...

    In no particular order:

    1. Half Life (opposing force and blueshift included) - like a comment already posted... first game to scare the crap out of me.
    2. Half Life 2 (including episode 1) - awesome gaming experience
    3. Call of Duty 1 & 2 - turn up the 5.1 for these.
    4. C&C - the early days of lan parties for me, so many memories
    5. C&C Red Alert - the only 2 C&C games worth mentioning (IMHO)
    6. Warcraft 2 - loved this game way too much.
    7. Fallout 1, 2 - Some of the best RPGs ever
    8. FEAR - Awesome game, went in thinking i would be dissapointed but was pleasantly surprised.
    9. Diablo 2 - dangerously addicting
    10. Worms World Party (along with other worms games) - very fun LAN game
    11. TIE Fighter - first PC game ever for me... way too many hours invested in this one.
  9. The games which effected me the most in terms of enjoyment are:

    1) The Monkey Island Series
    2) Day of the Tenticle
    3) Dungon Master
    3) The Doom Series
    4) The Quake series (up till Quake 3, I never tried Quake 4)
    5) C&C and C&C: Red Alert
    6) FEAR
    7) Medal of honor: Allied Assault (1st game online I played, for about 8 months, 3 hours a night... i was hooked :lol: )
    8) The battlefield series (I love online games like this, using all the inventory at hand as a team obliterate the opposition)... though BF2s current instability is killing my opinion (Roll on Quake Wars)
    9) CARMAGEDDON! Why why don't they make games like that anymore!
  10. Quote:
    I think the game that sucked away the largest portion of my life would be XCOM: UFO Defense. A great game. So much mystery and great tactical decisions. When is this going to be remade, anyway? Imagine if you will, XCOM with great graphics and physics. Woot!

    There is no question in my mind that if a modern x-com with the latest graphics, music, ambience, voice-overs, and whatever else that can be added with today's technolody, was created, I would have one sure-fire diet plan. :wink:

    I wouldn't even bother coming up with air. Even the old x-com ufo still has me addicted today. I can't explain it. It is just so much fun.
  11. 1. Gothic series
    2. Resident Evil series
    3. Gran Turismo
    4. Half-Life/CSS
    5. The Elder Scrolls series
    6. Need For Speed series
    7. Mafia
    8. Quake 2 online play
    9. Grand Theft Auto series
    10. Super Mario Brothers
    11. Wing Commander IV
    12. Silent Hill series
    13. Ace Combat series
    14. Tomb Raider I, II, III
  12. In no particular order:

    Dark Castle (Mac) - this is the first computer game I stayed up all night playing - amazing, frustrating, unbelievably cool sounds

    Starcraft - Holy cow - another all-nighter kind of game. Never been matched for offering 3 factions with totally different styles, but perfect balance

    Warcraft II - Zug Zug! No more need be said...

    Call of Duty - I am not a shooter guy generally, but I loved the feel of this game, and Nazis are always fair game.

    Castle Wolfenstein (Apple II) - dating myself, but I LOVED this game for its time (early 80's). Best bit - having the Germans yell "Schweinhund" at you. I played the later 3D versions, but they never inspired the same level of enjoyment as that silly, monochrome, run from room to room original did.

    Far Cry - just beautiful, though the Trigens were highly irritating

    Guild Wars - my introduction to MMO games. Started because of the beautiful graphics and lack of monthly fee, stayed with it because of the love of exploring and the friends I made

    WoW - my current timesink. I moved over when my GW guildies did, and have never looked back. Can't say I love paying rent, but it is such a wonderful game I can live with it.
  13. In no particular order

    Original Pool of Radiance
    Eye of the Beholder
    Master of Orion 1 and 2
    Diablo 1 and 2
    Neverwinter Nights
    Tiger Woods 2004

    Only really new game I have now is Galactic Civ 2 and it might eventually make the list...
  14. Starcraft: played that on my win98 before i blew it up, literally, now i have it on my dell, and my new rig
    COD/COD:United Offensive/COD2: Currently playing those, and can not stop
    FEAR: just gonna say *WoW* great visual and graphics in that game
    Battlefield 2: great modern combat base format, just like the rest of the Battlefield series
    CS:S: good time favorite, as to many other people as well i bet
    GRAW: Liked some of the other Ghost recon series games, but this is by far the best ive played so far.
  15. Myst IV :Revelation, i enjoyed its awsome/hard puzzles, and the storyline was intreeguing, as well the presence of live characters(actors) inthe game was new to me, it gave the game that "living" enviroment feel, as if it was a movie

    battle for middle earth
    age of empires2/3
    age of mythology
    rise of nations(loved the nukes in the game) :wink: lol
    Freedom fighters (oldie but good game, i sometimes come back to it)
    Knights of honor (nice game if one wants to spend couple of days on 1 (yes one) campaign)
    stronghold 1 was also enjoyable
  16. Bar Op Flash at the top the rest are in no particular order.

    Operation Flashpoint.
    Aliens vs Predator 2
    Syshock 2
    Deus Ex
    Call of Duty
    Baldurs Gate 2
    Half Life
    Blade of Darkness (think that's what it was called, brill hack and slash)

    There are more I can't think of right now.
  17. In no particular order:

    -Asheron's Call (Great in it's day MMO that paved the path along with Everquest)
    -Operation Flashpoint --AMAZING GAME--
    Sure the graphics were silly, but man, online play is addictive.
    -Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    -Everquest 2
    -Thief II
    -Warcraft 2

    yea I'm a bit of a sequel fan I guess.
  18. In rough chronological order:

    Castlevania (this was the cat's meow for NES, not Zelda or Metroid)
    Castle Wolfenstein (the original godfather)
    Mortal Kombat II (the only combat game I every truly loved)
    NHL '95 (the only sports game I ever truly loved)
    Super Mario Kart 64 (best. racing. game. ever.)
    GoldenEye (still playing it today)
    Half-Life (unfortgettable single player narrative)
    Call of Duty (greatest war game, WWII or otherwise)
    Alien Vs. Predator 2 (scariest game I ever played)
    The Chronicles of Riddick (the best Xbox game to date)

    Runners up: Dragon's Lair, Super Mario Bros., Contra, Tetris, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, The Sims, God of War.
  19. Overall all-time favourite is...

    Warlords II

    ... and NOT the deluxe version, just the standard Warlords II game. I still play this game to this day.
  20. Crap, I just realized this was a PC games discussion. My bad.

    "I'm retarded..."
    -- Tommy Callahan
  21. My Favourites

    1. HL2
    2. HL
    3. Darkstar One (demo)
    4. FEAR
    5. Freelancer
    6. Tremulous
    7. CNC TS
    8. CNC Generals
    9. Total Annihilation
    10. Descent Series
  22. Ooops, forgot Chronicle of Riddick, One of the best PC games as well.
  23. No particular order:

    Half Life I & 2
    Half Life Mods (Counterstrike and Day of Defeat)
    Legacy of the Ancients (Old Apple 2C game)
    Original Castle Wolfenstein (on Commodore 64, know your roots!)
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Ultima Online (although graphics always stunk, game system was the best and still is compared to a lot of online games.) New MMOs are pretty, but the mechanics mostly rot.
    Any of the original SSI D&D games for 386 and 486 era.
    Silent Service (best sub game ever!)
    The original Warcraft and Starcraft
  24. well I see most list the newest but for their times these were my favorites

    Doom I
    Doom II
    Duke Nukem 3d
    Shadow Warrior
    Hexan (not 2)
    Quake 2 Single and Online
    Unreal Single and Online COOP
    Far Cry
    Doom3 (I liked the Most of it, still disappointing)
    Prey Demo (its pretty damn good)
  25. Mmmm, tough one! I've played so many games.... Let me see:

    - C&C Generals Zero Hour
    - Call of Duty (All of them 8) )
    - Colin McRae Rally 2 and 5
    - DIABLO 2!!!! (I've wasted SO SO MANY DAYS of my life with this one...)
    - Dungeon Siege 2
    - F.E.A.R.
    - Grand Theft Auto (yeah, the original one)
    - Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (I've finished it like... 5 or 6 times... :lol: )
    - SimCity 3000
    - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (finished it like Jedi and Sith)

    I'm currently playing FarCry, Oblivion, and some other games...
  26. 1. Red Alert
    4. Day of Defeat
    2. Everquest
    3. World of Warcraft (current)
    5. Diablo II
    6. Civilization 2
    7. Sim City 2000
    8. 1602 A.D.
    9. Battle for Middle Earth
    10. BF2 (current)

    I can't really rate games that I haven't stopped playing, so might be skewed.
  27. Half Life 2
    Deus Ex
    Deus Ex : Invisible War
    Morrowind : Oblivion
    Far Cry
    and FreeCell

    Kinda dissapointed not to c more than 1deus ex besides me.
  28. in no particular order;

    5.prince of persia
    6.red alert
    7.number munchers
    8.spy Vs spy
    9.civ 1
    10. doom 3
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