Upgraded card for Oblivion but still getting low FPSs.

:( Hi, all... A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my graphics card from NVidia geForce 6200 to geForce 6800 (Golden Sample = 512MB). I was getting very low FPSs on Oblivion. Now, despite my drivers being definitely updated, defragging, using the Tweakguides.com guide re. the ini settings and running the various video options such as trees distance etc. at mid range (shadows at zero) and resolution at 800/600, I am still getting only around 8 to 10 FPSs on an average, i.e. when riding along roads and in the country in general. In the towns i still hit only around 10.
I have 1G RAM and an Athlon 2400. I suspect the 2400 might be bottlenecking the graphics card but it isn't really THAT low to do that so much, is it? I would really appreciate some worthwhile advice re. this very frustrating problem. Thank you very much. :P ... By the way, I did think of using cooltips and/or Riva Tuner to overclock my card but decided not to because, 1. It whacks the warranty and 2. I don't think I should have to go that far, since I am really a novice at that sort of thing. The card should perform well enough, in my opinion.
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  1. Sorry man but your system isn't going to run oblivion well.. just no way.

    Even with my system I only get 30-40 fps, of course that's with most of the effects turned on.

    More ram definitely and your cpu could be bottlenecking as well.
  2. should work. But i did heard oblivion was a very cpu intensive game. So your 2400+ need an OC or an upgrade.

    I run oblivion on medium @1024*786 with full view distance. I turned off grass and shadows and texture on low and... it runs. The mouse lags a bit but fps'es are good 20+.

    So a G6800 should handle it good.

    Update: i found out how to prevent the mouse from lagging. It now runs med-high @ 800*600 and is very well playable
  3. I have an athlon xp 2400+ and I just bought the ati x800xl mainly for oblivion. The x800xl has similer specs to the 6800gt. I should get the card wednesday and I will let you know how it works. I really hope the processor isn't that limiting.

    Here are some oblivion benchmarks I found with different graphics cards.
  4. well my guess is it will work fine, the minimum specs of oblivion are less then 2,4ghz right?

    btw: a friend of mine had a 9800pro wich scored really low. It was his mobo that was holding him back. (and he had an 300W PSU but runs a 6800gt on it now, with another mobo)
  5. Can your mobo handle a 3200+ Barton? Should be cheaper than a GPU at this point and will definately be a step up in processing.

    EDIT: Haven't payed any attention to socket A in quite awhile, actually you might find a very capable Sempron for your board.
  6. prozac, even with a 128-bit interface it should run better right? My G6600 had 128-bit interface and even runs it better.
  7. Honestly, you need to do way more to get your PC to run Oblivion with higher FPS and/or more effects turned-on. This game brings most systems to their knees. My PC is faster than yours in CPU, RAM and GPU and even I'm not going to bother with Oblivion until I replace my current system. Don't feel bad, a lot of people are in your situation. I would seriously consider getting a whole new rig, or at the very minimum upgrading your CPU. The part that sticks out the most to me is your Athlon 2400. Even if you could pop in a 3200, you're not going to get spectacular results. Hardware manufacturers salivate when games like Oblivion come out. Cha-ching baby$
  8. lol i admire ur bravery (or something else....no offence) for trying to play oblivion on that gpu, even the 1900xt had some issues with that game :cry:, to be honest i doubt that im going to play oblivion at all, even after i build a new system, the game is not realy my type anyway, there are/ will be maby much more interesting games coming out soon
  9. For a comparison I am running on an AMD 3400+, Geforce 6800GT 256mb, 2 gigs of g.skill ram. I get 30FPS inside, 20FPS in cities and 15FPS in the country with full view at a game set high/med settings. If you want a smooth game you will need a significantly upgraded machine.
  10. For a comparison I am running on an AMD 3400+, Geforce 6800GT 256mb, 2 gigs of g.skill ram. I get 30FPS inside, 20FPS in cities and 15FPS in the country with full view at a game set high/med settings. If you want a smooth game you will need a significantly upgraded machine.
  11. 2400 is not good enough, simple as.
  12. I am playing oblivion with a radeon x800xl I just got and I also have the athlon xp 2400+ processor. When there is a large battle my framerate dips into the single digets, but normally it is playable. I think it is probably the processor because it doesn't seem to matter what the graphics settings are on I still get very similer performance. I might try to overclock it to see if that will help.
  13. Yes Im with them and I say it again that you need 2Gb of ram and a better cpu to run Oblivion smoothly. :)
    Is atleast having a 3GHz CPU & 1GB RAM
    And remember that just recommended...I tried run Oblivion on my old system, and I crashed my PC, I had a Intel P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM and some old MSI GPU card.
    Get Conroe E6700 & a new MB that should do it.
  15. Yeh that all sounds about right.

    ATi X800XT PE 256MB
    AMD64 3500+
    Kingston 2GBs DDR400

    When playing with thoughs specs at 1680X1050 (NO AA) I get 14FPS in the worst of places with everything set to max apart from self shadow and HDR. So from what has been said here it seems that the CPU has more effect on the FPS than even the GFX card does.
  16. My specs
    Same video card
    3200 processor
    1500mb ram
    raid 0
    xp pro

    Still doesnt run very well :(
    If you upgrade your processor, get one faster then mine.

    But even the best video cards right now dont play Oblivion very well. Stick to star craft untill its worth upgrading ;)

    584fps in starcraft btw.
  17. Not sure how GPU-intensive Oblivion is but on my system:

    2.4GHZ P4
    1.5 GBs DDR400
    Geforce 7800GS OC (AGP) 256mb

    Oblivion runs beautifully on Ultra High settings with HDR on (and 8x Aniso).

    Of course, I'm playing at my flat panel's native 1024x768 resolution which isn't high at all (sufficient for me until I get a new monitor), but based on current performance I'm sure it would still run acceptably at a higher rate.

    But even at this "low" resolution, I could NOT play Oblivion well with my previous card, the Radeon 9800 Pro (very nice card in it's day!). It was too choppy and settings had to be on low - and Oblivion is one of those games where a large part of the appeal (or fun) is in the graphical presentation.

    I would have expected my relatively slow processor (sure was blazing just a few years ago) to bottle-neck this fast card (on a "dying" platform, I know) but seems everything I play (at my resolution) runs fine, including Oblivion and FEAR.

    To the OP: it could be your card's 128bit interface holding your system back. Probably more than your CPU is. At 800x600 with low settings you shouldn't have such low performance with a decent videocard.

    To the last poster who plays at 1680x1050 with everything maxed: Have you tried lowering the resolution just one notch? Curious how much more improved the results would be.

    I really think hardcore gamers have gotten spoiled, playing everything at super high resolutions and then expecting blistering fast gameplay - you have to consider that newer games these days are so advanced graphically that maybe lowering the resolution a little will net you playable speeds and still look great (high AF & AA go a long way).

    Seems that games are outpacing graphics cards only because monitors and resolutions get bigger and bigger (and of course special effects get fancier and fancier!) But I remember the days when 800x600 was the norm, lol! And to think that my 9800 Pro cost me $249 a few years ago and was considered high end!

    Must we have to upgrade yearly to enjoy games to their full potential?
    Whose fault is it? The gamers? Graphics Card manufacturers? Game designer? :?:
  18. If you want PC games to look like they do on the back of the packet re-mortgage your house mate. Oblivion brings even the very highest PC's to their knees. I can play it at 1600 x 1200 with most settings high but it still chugs somtimes. One to keep until PC specs are able to cope with it better.
  19. Thats strange, my x800gto gets 25-30 @ high settings in oblivion (outside). My drivers are catalyst 6.6

    (just options and oblivion sets the best settings, wich were high@1024*768)
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