my Abit board is giving me a headache

Okay, I've got a Abit ST6-Raid with a P3-S 1.4, 133 mhz bus, so my divider choices are 4-3-1 and 4-4-1. When I let the bios automatically configure everything. It chooses a 4-3-1 divider. When I do the math, that sounds wrong.

If your familiar with this then you'll see that the second number in the divider is used to set my ram speed. If I take 133*3/4 I get a speed of 100 which is wrong because the speed of my ram is also 133. I can tell it's wrong because when I run the Sandra memory test at this divider it definitely shows with a score in the 700's. When I benched with my old Aopen board, I got a score around 1000.

I guess I'm just confused because a divider of 4-4-1 sounds like the correct divider that would give me a sdram speed of 133, so who's right? Am I right or is the Abit board right; should the divider be 4-4-1 or 4-3-1?

Another question, when I overclock to a fsb of 150, what should my divider be? What's the point of the divider because it's not helping at all? It's more confusing than anything. My Aopen board didn't have a divider and it detected everything properly.

One more question, for my sdram timer settings, I know whether or not to set it to 3-3-3 or 2-2-2, but what's the 7/9 & 5/7 thing for? When I overclock to 150+, I usually switch my settings to 3-3-3, but should the other setting be at 7/9 or 5/7?

Please help...thanx
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  1. no idea about the dividers
    but 7/9 and 5/7 are a part of the memory timing.
    when you overclock the harder 5/7 setting may or maynot work. you will have to test it and see.

    P.S. the problem with FSB overclocking is that the divider is stuck at 4 max... so 150/4 = 38.5Mhz PCI speeds... any higher u may start getting crashes due to stressed pci cards or drives.

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  2. The easiest way to understand the 4/4/1 stuff is to think of every number times 33MHz.

    4/4/1 would indeed mean 133/133/33 for your CPU/RAM/PCI settings. Be careful with your AGP setting. Over 133MHz you must set it on 1/2.

    4/3/1 would be 133/100/33 etc.

    The overclcoking would be this way. FSB = 150. 4/4/1 = 150/150/37.5

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  3. is it often the case with abit motherboards?
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