Asus A7A 266 - Smart ppl PLZ respond

MY issue is Voltage. My +5V voltage is only at 4.5v and system will not POST. Will come up with a message dring POST "Hardware monitor has detected an error" and asks me to go into BIOS where it shows +5V readnig in RED till it gets to 4.6v. It does go up to 4.6v alternately and system is able to POST. My VCORE is 1.7v, +12V volatage is 12.1v. -5V voltage is 4.9v and -12V is 12.0v.

The system was running fine till recently. I never paid too much attention to voltage readings till now. All other voltage seem fine. JUst need to try and bring +5V up to 4.8v or higher.

System is currenty running a 1.2 AMD chip and 512 MB of SDRAM and is in JUMPER FREE mode. BIOS version is 1008.

Witout any troubleshooting I am ready to replace my power supply.

Any suggestions would be geatly appreciated.
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  1. Hummm... it sure does sound like you need a new power supply.

    If I recall, you can disable the hardware monitor in BIOS by setting it to "ignore" the voltage reading. You might try this first and see how the system runs.

    Another trick would be to pull out a stick of RAM that might reduce the 5 volt load enough to let you boot.

    Good Luck!

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  2. You might try what Scout suggested to get you running but you do need a new brand name PSU. When the +5v gets below 4.65v
    you will start to have problems.

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  3. You could always try a voltometer and read the voltage on the +5V connector. Or you can try to pickup a powersupply load testers from specialty parts stores for around $20.00 . Regardless, I'd assume a new power supply would do you good.
  4. You didn't mention what PSU you're currently using. Is it under 300watts? Also, what brand?

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