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well just got finished checkin out the site so another Need for Speed, well hope this one is better then Most Wanted. it looks as though it will be like most wanted but with drifting as the main focus of the game.also does anyone know if their will be more car manufactures then the last. especialy nissan, and Honda. if this is another EVO fanboy game i think EA will Loose more face as mostwated was saved by the reintroduction of poilce pursuits.
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  1. I loved nfs most wanted 8O

    I looked at the trailer of nfs carbon and looked allot like nfsu2. I hope that nfs carbon finally brings something new to the nfs serie then
  2. Well from what I read in the July issue of Game Informer magazine and from Jon at EA it will have at least 50 cars in the game but only officially know about seven of them and have not seen any Nissans or Honda's as of yet. Still to early.

    Cars in the picture on the pages are:
    Aston Martin Vanquish or DB9
    Dodge Challenger R/T Concept
    Dodge Viper SRT-10
    Mitsubishi Evo 9
    Subaru WRX STi
    Porsche Carrera GT
    2006 Ford Shelby Mustang
    Lamborghini Gallardo and one car I can not make out but belive it's another Porsche.

    I suspect that a lot of the cars from Most Wanted will be carried over with a few new cars.

    Drifting in Carbon Canyon will be one of the racing modes,They dropped Drag racing completely.Not that I'd miss it as didn't care for it in Most Wanted.
    But will focus more on racing than being chased by the cops all the time.

    Jon mentioned there will be more info released in July sometime just not sure how soon.
  3. yea it will be alotta fun, but i hope they come with more cars from both domestic and import sceene and especially now that they will be focusing on drifting for this one i hope we see more japanese cars cause they did create drifting. also maybe they will make a difference in what parts u put in ur car, like using parts from one manufacture will work better with certain cars then others.
  4. I'd like to see more cars of all makes and models, More to shoose from that way.
    Here's a link to a Gamespot Official Union forum thread with a lot of links to interviews and pictures on Meed For Speed Carbon.

    There were some new links to picture scans as well recently.
  5. Anyone else got it?

    I've finished the first three areas, but now I'm a little stuck, all my opponents are in decked out Tier 3 cars and I'm stuck with Tier 2, so far I the only available race I've beaten was a checkpoint race, the car I have is THE best available to me.

    Pretty good game, I'm not too certain about the car unlocking system, but I like how everything else unlocks in pieces as you progress depending on what you do, but don't think I like how it unlocks the cars in a similar way.
    Canyon races (drift and duels mainly) are interesting, I like the danger aspect of the barriers, but if you're any good they're not much of an issue.
    Autosculpt is awesome, combined with the huge number of paint types and colours available you can make yourself a seriously unique bit of kit.
  6. I have the game, and it was extremely short. I really cant recommend it to buy it in the store.

    But it was a nice game, just like nfsmw only i dont like the dark of nfsc. Thats why most wanted still is the better one for me. :)
  7. i like carbon because
    i have Exotic cars :

    Porche carrera GT
    Audi le mans
    Lamborghini Gallardo
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