please help me find my perfect rpg

i dont know much about rpg,s so i was wondering if anyone knows of an rpg set anytime between 11th and 14th century which has just weapons and items that where actually used in those days and has no magic using, so i want it to be realistic. i dont really care if its online or not. If there is no rpg set in the times i mentioned could you please reccomend somthing you think i would like. I have a level 60 on wow and i love diablo 2 but im trying to get away from the unrealitic enemy and weapons.
i would love a game with realistic people and animals and not things like gnolls orks ogres and dragons.
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  1. Most great RPG games that are medieval have some sort of magic involve. I have never seen one or remembered a medieval RPG with no magic involve. But if you want one that is great and one of the best RPG right now then get the "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion". It has plenty of magic involve but it makes the game a whole lot better.
  2. Unfortunately, RPG and Realistic are rarely found together - you are more likely to find realism in a strategy type game, and the one that lepas to mind is Medieval:Total War. I believe that its sequel is coming in the near future, and may have some more RPG type elements. Good luck - with that time period and your desire for period weaponry and no magic, you are going to be hard-pressed to find a perfect match, I fear...
  3. keep us informed with what you try
    i was always a fan of the ultima seriess
  4. Afraid you're always stuck with magic, but Lionheart would come close, set in medieval England, but sort of a 'medieval Enggland that could be if there was magic and demons.
  5. Lionheart was not a great RPG. It was loaded with show stopping quest bugs and BOD's when it launched. Maybe the patches have been released since I finished it, but not a worthy game for replay.

    I am playing D&D online and it is really good. My girlfriend is also getting into it and wants to play all the time. I started when it first came out. I loved the concept but was quickly turned off because of several factors and stopped playing. I recently came back and there's been tons of improvements and it's been getting all my attention lately. I'm so glad i gave D&D a second chance.
  6. I've played Neverwinter Nights online for over two yars now, at , and that gave me my DnD fix. Unless pay-per-month games start coming out for practically free, so that after 4-5 months of playying I'll pay the equivalent of a single player game, and any longer will start recuperating their bandwidth costs, I won't touch them with a 40 foot long rusty halberd. I also prefer playing with real roleplayers on a controlled server as opposed to powergaming munchkins who only want to loot, and have used just about every possible variation of 'Raistlin', 'Drizzt', and 'Legolas' that exists.


    Sorry, I get like that any time a pay-per-month game is mentioned.
  7. Have you ever heard of/played and of the games in the Gothic series? They're set in a medieval world and have a very close resemblance to the 11th-14th century styles. There is magic involved and weird creatures, but it has that medieval look and plenty of weapons and armor that look like they're from that era. It also is more "gritty" than most RPG's. It has a realisitic, "grounded" feel. Anyways, it's one of my favorite RPG's and it's definitely worth a try.
  8. Neverwinter nights is great and the upcoming sequel looks fantastic. I played NV2 after I logged months on Baulder's gate 2. Gothic was classic primo. One of the best RPG first person's to come out. Now Oblivion wears that crown in my opinion. Depends on if we're talking about classics or current tittles.
  9. I hadn't even thought about Neverwinter - I'll bet there is a user-created module somewhere which comes very close to meeting your desires. If there isn't one, the beauty of Neverwinter is that you can write your own...
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