Yet Another Stupid game ending mistake post.

So, I begin playing as an orc barbarian, and thing go well. Get good armor, reach minetown, start paying for protection, something I've just learned how to do and that have improved my characters life expectansy immensly. Finish minetown with an amulet of reflection for my troubles. Around 15 level or so I get worried. What if I die? So I start another character, a human chaotic wizard, and levels him up. It's a habit I got, losing a high level character isn't half as frustrating if you allready got another one. And, as happens many times when I do this, my wizard goes past the barbarian.

Mainly due to the wish I got by sitting on an opulent throne somewhere around lvl. blessed +2 Silver dragon scale mail here I come!

The minetown is a breeze, return a bit later to buy protection, then starts to systematically dig my way down the main mine. Finding lots and lots and lots of amulettes and managing to identify most of them after a slight bit o' trouble. No magic marker in sight.

Need abit more armor, find it, yipeee. Down at -10 AC. By protection for -11, find some gloves and a ring of protection for -13, kill a black dragon for disintegration resistance, oh look at that, an amulette of magic breathing, something that would have saved my only other character as promising as this, a gnomish wizard who died at the castle by drowning. "Wha... what... I didn't know they could drown people..."

Get to AC -16! (that's a first) mainly by shovering any priest I can find with piles upon piles of gold. Naked AC of 3 is yummy indeed.

Mmm... got all the things I need, bag of holding, good armor, good spells, couple of scrolls, a whole selection of wands.

(In the meantime, my orcish barbarian is killed off. Bye blessed t-shirt +3! you were quite nifty)

I do indeed do a few mistakes with the wizard. My kittens meets untimely ends... I swear, I didn't know the kitten was behind that lepechaun I shot with a forcebolt! Oh... and that one... he got eaten, yeah... definetely eaten... I think.

But, I manage to find a chaotic altar, and my god smiles upon me once again. Then I accidentally summon Juiblex, The Faceless one, by sacrificing a werewolfs corpse on the altar. But hey, he's peaceful, besides I've heard he's a wuss. So I think I'll save him for later.

Now, my spells might not be extraordinare, but they're still good, you can go far with forcebolt and magic missile. I also got a confuse monster and the like. After eating a dragon or two I figure I might as well go do the quest now.

So, yeah, skip up to where the magic portal is, enter, allready whiped out the first level. Since I'm myself at lvl 14 I know I'll be allowed entrance. And yes, I am tasked to retrieve the Eye of A,and lots of ea's and h'es.

Unfortunately, I then step close to Neferet The Green one and she tells me, "Feel free to take any items in that chest that might help you."

So, I um...



kick the chest.

And she throws me out.


not much to do then. I yell and stomp abit in frustration, then considers just ending the game. But I feel the need to hit something, so I go down into the dungeon, slay a blue dragon on the way, getting shockresistant. Then I enter some labyrint kind off level. Oh, look, grey dragon and a titan!

I get pounded, so freaking pounded. Suddenly I'm somehow paralysed and they just hit and hit and hit and hit on me until I get enclose by an ochre jelly and it splash me and splash me and splash me and then...

I stop being paralysed. Yipee, I'm not dead. So I read a scroll of teleportation but I must have been confused when I did it... at this point I really wasn't paying much attention. Anyways, did I mention I had eaten a tengu corpse earlier? I did not.

To what level do you want to teleport? 1.

You escape the dungeon with two diamonds, a ruby, and obsidian stone, a luckstone, a few amulets, 53 goldpieces, and a two metre high pile of good instrinsics, not to mention awesome rings, scrolls, armor, tools, and a few good wands. And a wicked AC... but not with the amulet of Yendor.

Darn that Neferet, darn her. Oh just wait if I get a cockatrice corpse next time I play as a wizard...
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  1. on closer tough... maybe I could have found a way of tamed, control lvl teleported to the quest lvl, and hopefully pacified NTG... maybe. oh well.

    oh, and my stats was freaking awesome thanks to three blessed potions of ability, and one uncursed one, and my hp was better than a barbarian thanks to loads and loads of potions of full healing and the like. *Groans*
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