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my computer is dead now. seriously. before: it would start up like 20% of the time, and like 1% it got to windows, only to crash some time later. all the lights on my mobo were red, meaning, it was a dead cmos battery, or a bad cpu. i did not understand why it would be the cpu since it starts 1% of the time. i took it to an expert and he clarified for me it was the cpu. i bought a new cpu, and now it wont even start -AT ALL!! no power is getting thru. i have a brand new sparkle 350w powersupply, and i checked it it works.
my new cpu: 850 t-bird SLOT A (yea)
old cpu: 800 athlon classic
mobo ms- something or other (i have wrote AMD and they say its compatible)
im desparate, i need help.
Is it my mobo now?!
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  1. I would guess that it is a bad mobo. Try returning that new cpu and buying a combo board, new Athlon socket A and board. Sorry to be delivering bad news.
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