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I am doing a home networking right now. I already have a computer that is using WinME and I just put a computer together with Windows 2000 PRO. I already have the NICs on both computers. I am trying to get this computer to talk to each other. My winME PC have a computer name of raylee and group name of Home. My windows2000 PC have a computer name of mainserver and group name of Home. Can anyone help me with this. Right now, I want to be able to share every files on both PCs. and share internet connection. Then, Because I am going to get DSL and a DSL router, and another PC with Win98 in the house. I would like the Windows2000 computer to act like a server so that every PCs in the house will be connected to the router and access control by windows2000. What should I do. Thank You. If you don't mind, please tell me in a step by step procedure or tell me what book is good for me.
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  1. You'll need to make sure you have installed ICS from the Windows disk. Enable TCP/IP in both. Enable file & print sharing etc.

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  2. if you're going to use ICS you don't need a router. Personally, though, I prefer using a router.

    AFA file sharing, you have to share either the drives or folders on the 2K machine (right click on them in explorer and choosing sharing) then on the client machine click on tools and map network drive, and put in the name of the machine and the share.

    If you've logged on with the same username and password as an account on the 2K machine you're in business.

    Search this forum for networking basics, or something similar. There are links to web sites that go through these sort of basics in detail.

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  3. What is the difference between using a router and using ICS?
  4. The computer sharing the connection doesn't have to be on all the time =).

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