AOE3 any good?

I've been thinking about buying this game for a while but never got around to it. Do you guys who own it like it? I really liked AOE2 especially after the expansion pack was added and from the AOE3 screen shots it looks to be really something. Just want to make sure I'm getting a good game as it is sorta pricey...
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  1. Try the demo. There's a few new things (like the cards and reinforcements) but it's not much different to previous AoE outings.

    AoE3 is ok, but having tried it I didn't think it was worth £35 when I already own all the previous AoE games (including AoM).
  2. It isn't my cup of tea, but my son plays it a lot. It looks good visually and plays well. As mentioned, it's a refresh of the previous game.
  3. yeah I think I'll get it but first I'm getting Battlefront 2 cause me and a friend are watching all the star wars movies across 2 days this weekend so to commerate the occasion I'm buying Battlefront 2. I hope AOE3 is going to be better than AOM cause I was really dissapointed in AOM. I find it was too easy to win even on hard with the titans. Pretty much you could walk anywhere with your titan and destroy your enemy without needing any other units. I would try to build a titan first and destroy the other players titan gates and then retire my titan but it was still pretty lame... anyway thanks guys!
  4. I love Rise of Nations, if you didn't try it yet, play the demo
  5. I tried the demo but it said my computer did not meet the minimum requirements of the demo although my computer exceeds the needs of the full game! I dunno, I'm going to get it for my Bday soon but for now I ordered battlefront 2 today...
  6. AoM is widely acknowledged to become unbalanced once you get the titans involved. I liked the original game though.
  7. yeah it would be a better game without the titans... I was also slightly dissapointed with the graphics even on full res. Overall I think the game interface was a little worse than in AOE2. And although my system meet the full requirements and exceeded some it would freeze up every now and then and take forever to save (almost 2 minutes!), needless to say I don't play it much anymore...
  8. The answer is... don't install the expansion!

    I don't play it much either - a friend of mine has AoE2 as well, so we play that. I couldn't recommend him to buy AoM.
  9. thing is I got the gold edition which is the original and expansion combined... anyway I think I'll order AOE3 this week as I just got allowance from July and I haven't spent my June money yet, and I keep looking at those sweet screenshots!
  10. to be honest i was disapointed, i played the demo, then i wanted to get the game, i borowed it from my frind and plyed it about 3 days, andi was disapointed, it looks awsome, it has some new elements in the gameplay, but it just lasks that something that the predecesors had, i uninstaled it the 3rd day and gave it back to my friend, he claims he likes the game, to me it was just 2 repetitive, and im glad i didnt buy it, it gets a bit boring after couple of days, at the begining it was interesting thou, but i gues i just cant play a game for a long time, i get bored with most games, althou i must admit ive been playing battle for middle earth 1 for almost a year, and i still do online matches, after playing that game others seem abit boring (then u notice that ur units cant gain experience, cu cant trample the enamy with cavlery that kind of things.) rise of nations seams to be a bit more interesting (the old one) u can try the battle for middle earth 2 (looks awsome) if u can get over the lord of th ering theme :wink:
  11. I guess we don't have the same taste in games cause I hated the first battle for middle earth! I felt I didn't have enough control over the game, pretty much just telling the units to go kill that guy and then just sitting there for a minute as they kill the enemy units. The game has been getting pretty high reviews so I think I'll order it, or I might get it for my birthday in early October although that seems like too long to wait! lol
  12. the 1 st part was quite nice but the 2nd one ..there lovers, and there are haterz (even thou they loved the first part) i bought the 2nd part, but i cant play it, it has gpu issues, so its still in the box, somewhere in the reaver :( until i get a nwe rig set up lol
  13. wait what's the difference between AOE3 collectors edition and just the regular AOE3? Is the collectors edition the version with an expansion pack?
  14. I really liked AOE3. Unlike the previous games, you will need a relatively high end graphics card to get the most out of it. The ships and water alone makes this game stand out - true eye-candy. As for the gameplay, there really isn't anything new here to scream about. Yes there are some gameplay improvements, but for me the graphics is what defines this instalment.
  15. Think Illuminatrex was talking about BFME, not AOE.

    As far as i know, the expansion for AoE3 isn't out yet. The Collector's Edition was available when they first released the game - basically it comes in a big box with lots of extra stuff. I had a look at it at the time and thought it all looked like a load of rubbish (conceptual artwork and interviews with the programeers etc). Can't remember exactly though - check the AoE website.
  16. yup i agrie the special ed had a hardcover book with images, and a poster (if im not mistaken) but software wise it was the same as teh regular edition.
  17. ok I think I'm going to get the AOE3 standard then cause I want to get into gaming more than I have been, I used to play a lot of racing games and RTS games and Civ 3 too but then I just stopped once I got into 7th grade but now I got the first battlefront for xmas and have played that pretty much to exhaustion and battlefront 2 is arriving tomorrow and I hope to order AOE3 today! Although I really hope my computer can take it... I played AOE2 and it was lag free but the sound kept lagging so it sounded like crap, I might not be able to get much out of AOE3. My current computer is a Dell dimension 8200 with 256 RAM, and some ancient video card. I also have a 8400 but that is mostly used for backing up all the other computers in the house and for our home threater although I do use it sometimes, it really is sweet cause it's hooked up to a 70" projector, battlefront on there is absolutely amazing! That comp has a gig of ram and an unknown videocard... still pretty good for gaming although I need a new mouse cause that one sometimes has spasms as I play BF. It will suddenly spas and make me shoot everywhere but only for a second, non the less annoying! yeah I'm going to stop rambling now...
  18. AOE3 has been ordered! I found it at for only $35 shipped so not bad! And Battlefront is coming tomorrow!
  19. Make sure you update all your drivers too - that can resolve a lot of issues.
  20. will do, I heard a lot of complaints on newegg about frequent crashes but I think most of those people are trying to play on Win98 computers! I mean it's ridicolus how many people buy something like a computer game when their computer is definitly not able to support it and then they come online and bitch about it! I'm also into R/C's and there is a type of motor that is really fast, brushless as it has almost no friction and is a very high power motor. These motors do cause a lot of glitching (steering the motor "twitches" involentarily) and interference so it is reccomended to buy an FM transmitter and receiver with a BL system but most people just keep their crap AM systems which are very prone to interference then come on the R/C forums and just bitch bitch bitch about! lol...
  21. wait wait wait wait 256Mb system or vid card ram? i mean even my system could only run it at 1024x768. Good Luck.
  22. system, I know it sucks but it is okay for light gaming. If it doesn't work I'll just use the 8400. I played BF2 yesterday and I have to say that it isn't as good as BF1. They changed the interface completely but the old one was great! I wish they had just made an expansion pack with new levels and units for BF1, still I do like it, cept I can't fly for shit in that game but I'm an awesome pilot in BF1, I guess I'll just have to get used to it...
  23. have you considered playing the demos of the games that u think u might be buying? :wink: lol its a good way to c if ur pc can handle it and if ull like the game. :wink: , thats what i ususaly do before i go out to get the software.
  24. Just don't buy it. It has the same old boredome factor as the version before.



    IF you've played dune you ain't gunna see nothing new.

  25. I tried to play the demo but it said my computer did not meet the requirements although it clearly did and exceeded the minimum in a few categories. As for not buying the game, I already ordered it... I hope I like it. I really like RTS games so I think I will.
  26. then there is nothing more to say .....enjoy :D :wink:
  27. thanks! didn't give me a tracking number but I'm sure it'll arive sometime next week, I'll tell you guys how I like it when it comes!
  28. lol my pc i think was streight with the miniumum specs, or it was slightly above, and i was able to play the demo just fine, thats what i like about the aoe series, whatever the pc specs are there is always a way to play the game, just tone down the graphix or something, not like otehr games tha wont even run the game or theyll be laggy because ther eis no shader suport or such.
  29. well it arrived today so I need to try it out before I go to bed, hopefully it works!
  30. well that sucks! I got an error message saying that my computer did not meet the minimum requirements but I hit the play anyway button. Well even at the lowest settings it still lags a ton! The game looks pretty good although I'll need to try it on the 8400 to see what it can really do. I found out that my GPU is a 64mb Geforce 4! No wonder it lags... I opened up the case and felt the video card after playing for only 10 minutes and it was getting medium hot. I guess I just wont play on the 8200. Well in under a year the 8200 is going out and the new custom built gaming computer is coming in! hehe!
  31. lol my ati radeon 7500 aiw is similar to the gforce 4 agewise, but i can play it quite ok , maby except some intro movies whch skip a bit
  32. well I tried to uninstall it but it just refuses to. It always gets stuck on the validating uninstallation part... whatever, I'm reformatting my harddrive real soon as my computer has started to bog down a bit. I reformatted it early this year but after installing a bunch of games it just can't take it anymore.
  33. maby u have some kind of "security "issues do u have daemon tools or other emulators installed? that might be a issue, the safedisc security(securom) or something like that, but to be honest i think aoe3 uses another protection tuype rather the securom, i think they changed it , im not shoor, i havent checked, far i got the demo and the ful version of the game to run on my pc, even thou the pc im using is really old.
  34. yeah I have daemon tools... I guess I'll just leave it on their, cause I won't use my computer much over the next 2 months until school starts again so I think I'll wipe it sometime this next week, although it'll take a while to back up all my files on to my portable HD not because I have a lot (only 23 gigs!) but because I have USB 1.1... I know sad huh?
  35. AoE3 is a solid distraction from all the FPS I end up playing.
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