Best mousepad?

This is tricky question for I am sure some say it doesn't matter and the other. I'm more like the "other". I have a laser mouse and am looking to improve my mousepad. I got this nice looking pad from valve

The only bad thing about it is the constant flakes of something that builds up on it(i don't think i can resolve this) that leads me to constantly pick at my pad with my fingernail.
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  1. Which laser mouse?

    Personally, I favour the Icemat.
  2. I got the G5 mouse, please a url for your matt will help
    I have the black version with a G5, but you'll need the firmware upgrade from logitech to get them to work together properly.
  4. Try ratpadz (

    If your cash is super-low you should get one of those re-usable canvas shopping bags with the tough plastic inserts. The PC mag that I read said they (the plastic inserts), are actually quite good because of the ribbed surface and low reflectivity. It's probably a band-aid fix more than anything though.
  5. I have the razer mantis control. I had to get used to it a bit, but now it plays great. I use it with my logitech MX510.
  6. I bought some Demin material, a square yard, and taped it to the desk top, Massive surface, good texture, just throw it in washer when needed. On another machine I'm using a really cool placemat, about 2x3 foot in size. Both have been much better than any mouse pad I've ever bought!
  7. I just bought a FLEXIGLOW CYBER SNIPA for my new G5 mouse. It's like it's on one of the air hockey machines it slides to freely. I highly reccomend this set-up to any serious games.
  8. i use the top of my desk and just keep it polished. mouse mats are overated, unless your still using a ball mouse.
  9. Quote:
    unless your still using a ball mouse.

    Sticks hand up, razer boomslang... 2 years and still working.
  10. Mice have balls??!! :lol:

    I had too, just HAD TOO...
  11. dont bother with a pad personally
    just roll with the mighty mouse
  12. Quote:
    i use the top of my desk and just keep it polished. mouse mats are overated, unless your still using a ball mouse.

    You haven't ever used one obviously...
  13. Quote:
    i use the top of my desk and just keep it polished. mouse mats are overated, unless your still using a ball mouse.

    You haven't ever used one obviously...

    a pad or a ball mouse? ive used a ball mouse before and ive tried several mouse pads before i just dont like them.

    I bought a "Func Industries 1030 Gaming Surface, Archetype Mouse Pad 11.25X9IN, Black Surface, Sheet Black Base" 4 months ago and love it. It's the only elite pad I've tried so I can't comment on other ones.

    Use it with a MX series laser logitech.

  15. I need my mousing surface to provide great accuracy and consistency for my games.

    I'm so dissapointed in the fUnc 1030 I just received. The tracking is poor (jitter from my Razor Copperhead) possibly due to transparent looking layers in the surface. Also I can feel it twisting since it sits on feet (5 of them). Also, there is more friction and also a higher friction barrier than I had anticipated.

    I just re-ordered an ultra thin $5.99 mousepad I got from Wal-Mart a while back by HandStands. It lays completely flat (just a few millimeters thick), with a rubbery sticky backing surface, and tracks perfectly (no jitter). Also it's almost frictionless against my Razor Copperhead (I can blow on the mouse lightly and it will move, and there's almost NO friction barrier). If there's anything to be said about mouse pads, it's that they are overpriced. The HandStands mousepad is in a word perfect.

    Buy this mouse pad even if you already have one you like; I guarantee this one will win you over.

    IMHO: Best mousing surface on the market, especially with the $5.99 price!
  16. I just use a gray piece of foam with a rubber back and beer stains and it works perfect.
    Total cost $1.75 plus beer.
  17. I have the Razer eXactMat. Its awesome. One side is for control and the other is for speed. Probably the best thing about it though is it doesn't move on top of your desktop when you move your mouse across it. Its something little but it makes a huge difference, i think.
  18. Desk ftw
  19. Consider:

    IceMat 2nd Edition
    Material: Glass
    Dimensions 250 x 300 mm / 10 x 12 inches

    SteelSeries SX
    Material: Fiber coated with aluminum
    Dimensions: 320 x 270 x 2 mm / 12.6 x 10.6 x 0.08 in

    AFAIK, they both can be found for around $50. Certainly the best, if price is not a factor.
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