PROBLEMS? Read your PC's manual or buy a game console

I am not a noob to the TG forumz but also I am not a veteran poster either. But, it has come to my attention that many of the posts here are simply from a lack of people not reading their instruction manuals when problems are encountered. I really don't believe manufacturers included manuals just to add bulk to the packaging, but I may be wrong.

My solution to this problem is for technically inclinded or not, they should either take the time to read their manuals or move into another field much simplier to comprehend, such as a game console (XBOX 360 or PS3).

I know, I know, the manuals are so long and if you read one you've read them all. I would agree with that statement in alot of instances. But, here on TG forumz, its so obvious that that is not the case. Each post asking for a solution when the solution is in the packaging makes the poster look ignorant. For example, when a poster says I just changed video cards and now its' having problems. Comes to find out they did not remove the old drivers. Had they read the manual it would clearly state remove the previous drivers before installing the card. Geez.

Having a game console is so much simpler. Plug in the controllers, plug in the power cord, pop in the disk and away you go. Why do people still put themselves through so much turmoil with pc's for gaming?

- Rant Over -
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  1. True enough, but we all do stupid things. I don't mind answering the occasional cry for help. It kind of makes me feel good to read when someone screws up something that I think is obvious. What a pat on the back, huh?
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