Titan Quest - who's got it?

Opinions? The trailer looks pretty good and I'm ready to retire Diablo 2. Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Hey,

    I've been playing it off and on. It's real Diabloish. I like it alot and the graphics are very nice. The only part I am having trouble with is the save game. I will finish a part and save after I killed the areas Boss. When I load back in I have to kill him again. Kind of annoying but you just have to be carful when you save and quit. I think diablo fans will welcome this game as a new fresh breath of air. The music score is pretty cool too with a bit of Gladiator movie feel to it.
  2. I tried the demo; very nice graphics, good sound. Feels indeed just like Diablo.
  3. this game has killed my 6600 gt card recently. even at 800 x 600 res. with medium setting.
  4. This game needs a fast system to run it. You won't be sorry though as the graphics are really nice and story is really interesting. On my 37" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution, well, let's say it's pretty dang sick.
  5. Thanks everyone - I just scored the Demo on ebay. I'm a little concerned since I'm only running a plain 6600 with an Athlon 3400+ and 1 gig Samsung memory.
  6. Quote:
    On my 37" monitor at 1920x1080 resolution, well, let's say it's pretty dang sick.

    8O I bet it is. I'm tempted to run this on my soon-to-be HTPC... see what it looks like on a 52" HDTV.

    TQ has some great game play and is well worth a look if you're into this type of RPG.
  7. The demo seems to be running fine on 800 x 600 all settings medium on my system. That might change when I buy the full game. :)
  8. It completely does. My machine ran the demo fine, but with the full version gave it quite a few problems. Moving in and out of caves is especially taxing on it, sometimes even crashing. The latest patch mentions that it fixes some memory leaks, but I haven't tried it yet, been busy with Prey.
  9. I am surprised at how Titan Quest is so Diablo-like that THQ doesn't get sued from Blizzard.

    I call it Diablo III and I play it with friends. It's pretty though, and fun, but it doesn't have that "oohhhh ahhhh" feel that Diablo II had.

    You should try the demo first of course!
  10. I think it's an interesting game. I think the story line is better than Diablo II, and while the game mechanics are similar to Diablo II, who really cares? As long as you feel it's entertaining then that's all that matters.

    I'm playing it on a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop, 2GB Centrino processor, 1GB RAM, x300 graphics card. I started playing it at 1920x1200 widescreen resolution, at medium settings. It was a little choppy. I dropped the resolution down to the next lower widescreen option, 1600x1200 I think, and it's not choppy at all. The graphics are still good for me.
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