How many man hours does it take to make a game?

How many copies must sell to make money?
Whats the biggest Game budget ever?
Why is the sims2 the biggest game ever?
Whats you favorite GAme?
Did I ask to many Questions?
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  1. well the number of games needed to sell really depends on the budget and production costs.
    and as for man hours well, that really depends on the game.
    a friend who works for a game developer can be working on a game for around 8 months +
  2. some games take a long time 2 make and some dont
    depends how much is in the game mostly
    hl2 took 7 years to make
    prey was in the making for 11 years!

    Sims 2 is very popular 4 sum reason.(i find it boring)

    idk wat the biggest budget is

    my fav games ever have been quake3arena, hl2 and hl2ep1, punisher and more(i created a post on this not long ago :wink: )

    no u didnt ask 2 many questions
  3. I've heard that Doom III alone took close to $20 million to make. Huge amounts are spent by developers in licensing fees (music rights, physics engines, video/animation systems, etc) alone. That's in addition to the company's own programmers, artist, directors, managers, etc.

    Today's development team sizes and budgets are approaching Hollywood's major motion picture sizes. The days of one guy making a successful game on nights and weekends are long gone.

    With MMORPGs, such as The Sims, WoW, etc., the hardware costs for their game servers must be staggering.
  4. it varies on budget and what not... Half-life is one of the best examples, though lets not forget... DUKE NUKEM FOREVER :D
  5. Yeah good games usually takes long time to create and millions of dollars in expense.
  6. Half Life would be pretty much a good example of a game that took a long time to make and then pwn3d the market (later, that is, mainly with the CounterStrike addition).
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