Buying any of the PS3 or pc or xbox 360 is the toughest choice and as much as i remembered The PS3 could be well played on HDTV of resoulution of 1080p and it would xost 2000$ creating a hole in pockets so what to buy PS3 OR PC or XBOx360??????/


Many gamers are thinkin to shift to AMD 64 which is a gr8 choice even i also have that choice with a GPU of GeForce 6800GS is my choice correct or i should buy a PS3.I have an old pc of

512*2 DDR 333 RAM
PSU 400W

SO WHAT I AM THINKIN TO SHIFT TO 64 BIT GAMING OR COMPUTING whatever ACTUALLY I WANTED TO UPGRADE MY MACHINE.MY main interest is in gaming so i am confused to buy a new pc or a PS3 or xbox360 keeping my old pc..

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  1. As with most things in life, upgrades should be considered with a cost/benifit analysis. Really, if you'd be happy with an xbox, then get an xbox, by all means. They're pretty cheap for the hardware they have. You won't be able to build comparable computer for that cheap.
    As for the PS3, when is it coming out and how much will it be? Last I heard, that was still up in the air, so it's hard to make a decision based on conjecture.
    A shift to 64-bit computing isn't very effective yet, so don't upgrade just for that. Unless you need the added accuracy for research or something, don't worry about 64 bit. If you're upgrading a processor, get one that performs well, be it 64 or no.
  2. im half expecting some hardcore graphics cards in the future to come out, especially with vista
  3. well the Sapphire ati x1800gto has been released at a cheap price at 275$ and it beats nvidia 7600gt with antiliasing and anistropic filtering on.Well i think that this gpu is best in low price.But hey i am buying a gpu which has more price than a CPU :lol:.Well if i use this gpu on an nvidia chipset would it harm me in any way or i should prfer ati chipset.if ati chipset then which chipset should i select.
  4. Quote:

    As for the PS3, when is it coming out and how much will it be?
    Sony officially announced that it will be six hundred USD.
  5. Unfortunately they haven't officially announced what the final specs will be yet.

    It could be a 3.2 cell with 7spe's, but now they are saying it could be a 2.8 with 6 or fewer. Blu Ray has been pushed out to 2007 due to defective diodes. So.....

    If they just rush the console to get it out the door for their November launch, there could be some serious hardware issues.
  6. Well when PS2 was first released it had hardware problems.Now the main thing is that,SONY is releasing the PS3 well if it would had been microsoft there would'nt be hesitation.HEY i am not trying to put down SONY coz look Sony tries to benefit up it's customers at the maximum possible extent by introducing to the people (heavy gaming) at the verge of birth of the Blue ray and the 7 core processors.So it might have some hardware faults or problems
  7. dude, go with pc theres just nothing better, and besides, half of the games for xbox 360 come out for pc and with a cheaper price.
  8. look at what games you are going to play and choose from there. i chose a 360 cuz i like harware, not vaporware. sorry but no most of the 360s games arent coming out for the pc also. project gotham, rumble roses, dead or alive, perfect dark zero, condemned, and moto gp to name a few. i know cuz i bought those cuz they interested me and arent on aything else. now im just waiting for forza 2.
  9. Quote:
    dude, go with pc theres just nothing better, and besides, half of the games for xbox 360 come out for pc and with a cheaper price.
    Halo 3 should be out for PC in three or four years.
  10. I rather pick PC because it has everything. I also have 360 and I really do enjoy it. I still love PC better, X2 4600+, X850PE XT, 2 gig of ram is what I have and the games run very nice. IF you like playing with your friends then go for Xbox 360 or wait for PS3 depend on reviews when it's release.

    What's sucks about PS3 that it's doesn't have HD, only Blu ray. That's why I brought 360 also I can't wait for Halo 3 :)

    PC > Xbox360 > PS3 for me.
  11. hark, I'm not sure what you're refering to with respect to HD on the PS3. If you're talking about High Def, the PS3 actually can go higher than the xbox 360. The 360 supports 1080i and the PS3 goes up to 1080p which is technically better, even if it doesn't look noticeably different. If by saying HD your mean harddrive then you are wrong again, the Xbox 360 has two different models, the low end without a harddrive(which means it can't play any original xbox games and most online games that require extra content) and the higher one with a 20gb harddrive. The PS3 on the other hand has two models, a 20gb and a 60gb model. So do some research before you start writing this stuff.
  12. Quote:
    Halo 3 should be out for PC in three or four years.

    Sad, isn't it?
    Why it takes so long for the PC to be as powerful as consoles?

    Only recently with my 6600GT I was able play Halo on the PC decently (my old FX5600 couldn't handle it).

    Years have passed between the original release of Halo for Xbox and the PC version. YEARS.

    I just can't believe it. Why? Marketing? Or there are really R&D limitations?
    Right now, for example, I think the G80 and R600 are ready. But really ready, as ready for selling, delivering them to the OEMs and etcs. The G90 and R700 could be in development as we speak.

    If it's true, if the PC hardware needs years to catch up with consoles, I will bow down to the engineers, designers, programmers, everyone involved in the process of making a console from scratch. For they would be Gods on Earth.
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