How do I log into PC as administtrator - need to access program folder

I downloaded an Application where I need to save an XML license document in the x86 Program Files in order to launch the application for a first use. I have the license document - and am able to save in in " my documents " but when I try to save it into my Program x86 folder - I get a the following message

You don't have permission to save in this location - contact your administrator to obtain permission

It's a personal PC - that I built myself - so how do I go accessing this folder - that I can save my license document?

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    Do you have the one and only account on this computer? If you do, you should already have Administrator rights within Windows.
    If you have Administrator rights on your account and want to make the folder available to other users, right click the folder and go to Properties -> Security. Make sure that the "Users" section has sufficient access to the folder to do what you need it to do.
  2. Yes, I am the one and only account on this computer. I did set it up where I had to log in with a password - if that makes any difference - but I didn't set up any specific user settings or account names when I built the computer.

    So - you are saying I should have access to the folder - but I do not - any other ideas or clarifications?

    I can open the referenced folder - from Windows Explorer - When I open the Properties tab - of the folder - it's marked as " not shared ". I can click the box - to open up the window to who I can share with. Do I need to populate that box with something - after unclicking - share - or just click the box - and try to access it?

    Any suggestions - appreciated.

  3. I was able to get it done. I had to save it onto my PC and copy / paste the file into my Program folder.

    Thanks for the help
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