Battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo Help needed (pc restarts)

hi, ive dloaded the battlefield 1942 multiplayer demo and when i run it about 1 or 2 minutes into the gameplay the pc just shuts down and restarts (rather quickly),

this only hapens when i try to play this game, i can play other games for long periods of times with no problems, only this game is causein me issues, i wanted to play the demo because i waned to get into the whole batlefield series games, and to be honest my pc is not strong enough for batelfield 2 (until i build a new system later on this year) i wanted to try the demo before i would buy the ful version of the batlefield 1942, im using win xp home edition, sp 1, i have intel pentium IV 1.7 Ghz, 521 mb's of ram, and a ati radeon 7500 all in wonder (64 mbs), and a 480W psu, the newest dx9.c update, and the ati cataclyst 6.4 or so or 3 maby (i cant get the newest ones they do not suport the 7500 series gpus) so my system is way above the recomended requirements(not mentioning the minimum ones),

soes anyone know what migh tbe the issue?

thx for all replies
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  1. Google " tweakguide" look for the part about bf 1942.

    Or just buy the game It's around 20 bucks now with all the expantions
    patch to 1.6b and dl desert combat for free
  2. .... will buing the game fix my problem? :wink: i wanted to try out the demo first, if i have issues with it i might have problems with teh ful game, so i didnt want to waist money on it.
  3. Quote:
    Google " tweakguide" look for the part about bf 1942.

    patch to 1.6b

    post corected
  4. ill check it out, thx
  5. If you buy the game itself, without any expansions, it is only $10 at any Wal-Mart. It comes in only a jewel case and it is with the other budget software and games. The game, once patched up should give you better results than the demo.
  6. thx for the info, i actualy went to eb games yesterday and they had a batelfield 1942 complete colection ...i think that was the name of it, so it was the game and 4 maore pacs for 19.99, i was actualy thinking of geting it, would it be worth it? are the gaming packs interesting? and worth the aditional $$ are they playable online?

  7. There are still many servers that have the ex pack maps in rotation,
    although you will find the fan created expantions the most fun, desert combat is one of them, in many ways it's better than BF2 and it's free.
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