pls need help for news version quake3 team arena!

hi everyone,

pls i need some help here, when even i play this " news version quake3 team arena" (not online) it alway pause or fuzzy the game for 0.1sec or less then come to the game it self, it happen every 5 to 10min! pls tell me what can i do to stop this :cry: thank you.

my system is run in: window xp pro Pentium4, 2.66ghz-dual core, msi 945p-platinum,ram ddr2 kingston 1GBX2, pci express(HIS)X700pro 256mb.

all driver had been up to date. pls do help me thank you v much.

Fm Leo
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  1. it stops for 0,1 second? :lol:

    Thats a really big problem you got there m8 :lol:
  2. my is a crt monitor... am changeing my graphic card today to ati x850xt p.e. hope it will help....
  3. Well, if it wont work in quake then in other games you see a really big improvement.
  4. i play unreal and serious sam2 also dun have any problem only play Quake3 have this problem... pls anyone pls advise...
  5. You have a very good system. Then i mean when the x850xtPE arrives. I wouldn't worry about quake 3 too much. My uncle has an 9700pro and never could play battlefield 1942. His system has the specs, but it just wouldnt run. Why dont you try quake 4 then? That would make more of a match with you pc :D
  6. i dun like quake 4 at all they change the way we play!
  7. Like how then? I didnt noticed much difference. I played quake 3 nog too long. But i like quake 4.
  8. it slow down alot not like quake3 ok thank you for yr help.
  9. Well ok then, not a problem at all. I hope that the new 850xt helps you out :D
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