Counter Strike Source Question (will this pc run it)

Hi, I m planing to build a new pc by the end of this year, but now im stuck with an oldie pc and i would like to be able to play counter strike source(i heard its good)

My present pc specs:
Intel Pentium IV 1.7Ghz
512 Mb Ram
ATI Radeon 7500 All in wonder

Will this pc run the counter strike source without much lagg? atleast on medium setings?, btw in the minimum specs for the game it only specifies a direct x7 series gpu, does anyone know if this gpu that i have is a dx7 series card?

btw which is beter go get the counter strike source game(with 2 more games in it if im not mistaken), or the half life 2 game (which includes
counter strike source, and another game)

thx for all coments, and help
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  1. i was also wondering if there is a counterstrike source demo anywhere online at all...i cant seam to find one. :cry:
  2. You dont need a CS:S demo, the Half Life 2 demo has the exact same graphics. So just download the HL2 demo in steam. I doubt your system will run it on medium settings. But just try it, maybe your pc runs it fine.

    A friend of mine runs an R9250 gamer edition (256MB) and runs CS:S on medium. And he has an 1900+ cpu.
  3. i tried the hl2 demo a long time ago, to be honest i just hate steam...sorry, i was curious is counter strike source is worth geting
    compared to lets say batelfield 2 or patelfield1942, im not much a fps player, im mostly into strategies, but i wanted to try somethign out, that would run acceptably on my oldie pc.
  4. I know steam isnt a great program at all. But easy to download the demo from i guess. But how did the HL2 demo ran on your pc then?
  5. i think i had it a bit above the minimum visual levels ( i always prefare to have more ftp's...if any :wink: than visuals ...atleast with this system)
    and to be honest i have to admit that i was surprised with how smoothly it did run, the only drawback i noticed that steam, or whatever "screwed" up my system, the pc was ruing everything slower than usual after i instaled the game, and my internet security had a lot of problems(or i had a lot of problems with the internet security), and after i uninstaled the demo, and all traces of it everything went back to normal, so i gues it was not a fragmentation issue there but some steam/ half life 2 issue, i dont remember what was hapening exactly( this was almst 6 months ago or more) but i remember that i didnt want to have anything to do with steam, even if i got it for free. It did mes up my system quite a bit, which was quite unexpected, an did not know what was the cause of it.

    btw is counter strike source also related to steam? if yes then i can forget the game all together :cry: , it is not worth instaling, if i would have to go threw the same issues again.
  6. hmm, thats strange. I never had something like that with steam. Even on my old rig (P3 450mhz, mx460, 386mb ram). I played CS 1.6 (im still playing it every now and then).

    But to answer your question, yes counter strike source is steam related. You can try the HL2 demo now too, maybe that bug you where saying now is gone.

    I dont know your settings, but I always choose to NOT run steam while windows starts. Looks to me that steam then cant do anything to your system.

    I hoped i was good for any help :wink:
  7. thx :) i did dld the half life 2 demo a long time ago and i had reservations to steam i think i did not alow it to run with windows startup, and to be honest after i had that issue with the demo i thought steam was some king of malware or something, i remember that i was very very frustrated, the system completely buged down, but after i uninstaled the demo , and all posible traces that i could find, and after that all came back to normal, thats why i prefare to avoid any steam "releases" , maby it was just me, and i just got unlucky there, but, I just dont want to have the same issue with it again(i remember i was ready to reformat my hd), its 2 bad, i hears many nice things about counter strike, oh well, gues its just not for me :wink: maby i should stick to strategy games as i usualy do :wink: ...thx for the heads up on the steam in counterstrike.
  8. No problem :D

    Well i heard CS:S wasnt that good anyway. CS 1.6 seems to have much better gameplay.
  9. thx for cheering up :wink:
  10. CS:S is awesome. I still play it. It's one of the most intense online experiences, especially when you get a good game going and both teams get real competitive.
  11. @prozac26,

    I know CS:S graphics are much better. But from what i've heard CS:S isnt as good as CS1.6. Then i mean the gameplay, the graphics of CS 1.6 just suck nowadays. In CS:S you easely make headshots and stuff like that. Like i said.. from what i've heard.
  12. Your sistem will run it i have a friend that has a p4 2g and 512RAM an a Gforce 4 mx and he can play, no problems
  13. thx for the info guyz, lol now i want to try it outlol, but im just afraid i might have some issues with steam...again :wink:
  14. actualy it was, would You mind defining "annoying" , because in my case when i tried it i had a lot of issues with it, my notron security was bugged down quite a bit( im not talking about the permiting/not permitinginternet acces issue), my system was slowed down to the max even just by having the half life 2 demo instaled on my system , and there were some other bad things(that i dont remember, it was about 6 months ago or more), i was geting ready to reinstall windows again( i checked for viruses, defragmented the hd's, installed the newest drivers, looked for paches ...nothing helped), the game itselfe(the demo) worked flawlesly(to my surprise, compared that my pc is ratehr old))but when i uninstalled hf2 and steam and all files that had anything to do with it all the issues dissapeared whithout a trace, is that what You ment by "annoying" if yes i gues then that what I expe4rienced was .....normal, to be honest i prefare not to play a certaing game(no mater how good it is) rather than wory wheather my ps will be "operational" at all, thats why I think il pas with the game, its too bad, i heard good things about it, and to be honest i f i would have similar issues, it just wouldnt be worht the price, and the wories in regards to instability :cry:
  15. i instaled teh demo of half life 2 once, and after that i just got red of all teh related to it files. I think that there might be something related to steam or another program that had isues with it(maby) but after i uninstaled it all returned to normal.
  16. Where are you from and how much money are you planning to spend for your pc build. I might be able to help you buy better gaming components.
  17. im planing to get :

    - a core 2 duo e6600(2.4Ghz)
    - Asus P5w DH Deluxe mobo
    -gpu- i might wait til the dx10 cards come out if i would be buying today i would get myselfe a 1900xt
    - 2 gigs of ram
    - maby one of the zalman CuAl heatsink fans (but considering the core 2's dont have such a high temp i might just stay with the hsf that will come with the cpu, im not planing on overclocking, for atleast a year or 2 after i get the cpu, or after my waranty expires :wink: )
    - win xp home edition oem ( i cant use my curent os, its also an oem, so i gues it wont work, or am i wrong? :wink: , i got a upgrade cd for an upgrade to win pro from win home, so if anything i might get that up, or not)

    i calculated that i would spend about 1300 on the build(I have the optical drives, hd's , kayboard, mouse, psu, and the monitor)
  18. Source might run on that pc with a low resolution (either 800x600 or 1024x768, if you're lucky) and low graphics settings. If CS:S didn't pick it up automatically, you'd want to force the game to load in DirectX 7. That would increase your chances.

    Steam won't screw your PC up. If you don't know your way around PCs, then it might seem tedious. However, other programs often times contribute to the perceived tedium. Norton Internet Security is a pain, and I'd never use it myself. I helped a friend build a system a year or so ago and he bought a copy of Internet Security ... what a hunk of junk.
    If you set up your network correctly you don't need that crap in the first place.

    If you have "security" programs running, they will probably complain if you install Steam. Steam is a content-delivery platform that frequently makes connections to an online webserver and delivers information over the connection. Some programs might see this as a security threat or even a breach, hence the perceived tedium.
    Just give Steam and hl2.exe permissions in your firewall and other security software ... voila! ... headaches gone!
  19. The Source engine is actually a pretty flexible engine. I've gotten Half-Life 2 to run on a system with integrated Intel graphics. Of course, I had to force it to run in DX7. Even at low settings, the game still looks good and the framerate was playable.
  20. uograde the video card to a 6200 or 7200 or equivalent and you'll be fine
  21. actualy i was not talking about the simple things as giving permisions to a particular executable, but i ment that my entire system was bugged down even when i was not using steam or hl2 demo, but right after i got read of it and restarted the pc all isues were gone.
  22. "uograde the video card to a 6200 or 7200 or equivalent and you'll be fine" are u talking abotu ati's cards? im planing to build a new mid/high range pc(finaly) :wink: so ill wait i think for the dx10 cards to come out, hopefuly the midrange dx10 cards from ati will beat the 1900xt series cards by quite a bit, if not ill look at any cards that would maximaly cost that 400 or so, i dont want to spend much more on a gpu, i think 400 is quite enough, considering ill not change much in the pc for the next 4 years or so from the time ill build it.
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