Steam Problem.

I began my gaming session just like any other. I boot up Steam, open the game I want to play, usually being Counter-Strike, which so happens to be the game that I wanted to play today. I refreshed my server list with the filters being, "Counter-Strike, server not full, has users playing, and is not password protected". The list of servers finished refreshing, and I noticed right away a red circle, with a slash going through it. I thought to myself that maybe Steam had updated their layout, or something like that. I tried connecting to one of my favorites servers and it says, "You cannot connect to the selected server, because it is running in VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) secure mode. This steam account has been banned from secure servers due to a cheating infraction." I thought to myself, "what the fuck!" What can I do to fix this problem? I've vied the Steam support page, and it says that Steam support cannot remove the ban on my account. What can I do? I have never cheated, or hacked on any type of Half-Life Mod ever. I infact hate, and feel sorry for hackers! Is this the end of my Steam gaming experience, or is there something that I can do?
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  1. see that link.

    you can get Halflife for £5 now so it wont be expensive to get a new cd key just a hassle.
  2. hi
    i have downloaded steam and i want to play counter strike source
    but i do not have an internet account to buy the game
    here in my country yhey do not sell it because they say that it it a old game
    is there any way that i can play counter strike source ?
    or download it for free ?
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