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guys what do u think of this for an upgrade? is it worth it? are the parts good?

well i guess i will have to upgrade. how does this system sound to you bare bones?

Case Antec SX1000 w/ Enermax 350W PSU
Motherboard Asus P4S533 DDR mainboard
CPU P4 2.0GHz Retail Box
HSF Retail
RAM 1X512MB Mushkin PC2100 2-2-2

I was offered this for around $800.. is this any good? what is rambus by the way since it doesnt come with it? also dont p4 MB's have onboard NICS?
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  1. a couple of points.

    1. make sure you get the P4 2.0A not the 2.0
    2. if you can afford it, get PC2700 ram. it will give you better performance. 512mb sambsung PC2700 is a pretty decent price.
    3. As you getting the S533 with the 133 system bus speed it may be better getting a P4 'B'

    <font color=blue>Pants Down! Turn Around! Bend Over! You're about to Experience Telstra broadband! :lol:
  2. Look at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. Rambus is actually better IMO (now that we have 133 x 4, rather than 100MHz, quad pumped rather than double data rate, serial instead of parallel, RDRAM is faster, but slower latency times, meaning it will take longer to find the data you need, but once the flow starts it will be faster), but more expensive . However the latency issue really isn't very noticeable since RAM is so fast and runs on a direct bus anyway (as opposed to something like a harddrive).

    For RDRAM, you'll need a motherboard that supports RIMM instead of DIMM.

    I don't know about integrated NIC/ethernet, but you can find a NIC for pretty cheap (less than $50).

    By the gods, may I please recommend a high quality NIC? Like 3Com or Linksys? d-link sucks arse!
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