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Hi. First post. I just got a ECS K7S5A with AMD Athlon XP 1600. I've built my share of machines, but this one is a headache. Put it all together, but cant get the machine to boot. It will power up, but will not let me get into the Bios. It doesnt send a signal to the video card. Fans a reblowing, but no beeps from teh speaker, and nothing on the monitor. Ihave tried several powersupplies (300-425 watts) and numerous good ram chips. The jumpers are positioned correctly...any ideas? Im about to send it back but if they cant find the problem, I'll have to pay $35 service fee and pay to have it shipped back to me! thanks!
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  1. Hey C,

    Most likely you have another DOA ECS mobo. I had the same problem with one of mine. Try removing the mobo from your case & placing it on a non conductive surface(like a wooden board), re-connect just your video card, 1 stick of ram, & ATX connector(do not remove your cpu or hsf). If it posts & fails to find a floppy or hdd, your mobo is grounding out on part of the case. If it still does not post, most likely you have a DOA mobo & you should return it & stay away from ECS like I am now. Good Luck

    Peace Out..............tile

    god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing
  2. Good advise from tilepusher theres just not many other things you can do if you can't get any further into your setup, and if the board is bad you're dead in the water, until you can get another one.
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