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I was wondering what everyone thought of the system I was going to upgrade to. Also can you tell me anything bad that you see with what I want to do.

CPU: AMD XP 2100+
Motherboard: Asus A7V333
Memory: DDRam 512mb

All other components I already have. Just upgrading. Thanks.
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  1. What type of DDR and what latency? 2x 256 MB modules?

    I reccomend the KT4U from MSI, AGP 8x, DDR400 support, ATA133, USB 2.0, Firewire(?), etc... More upgradable...
    And the previous version is one of the few current ones without major issues.

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  2. Asus A7V333 is a great motherboard. My cousin have one. It is very stable.
  3. KT400 based board is not yet available and we do not know if the chipset is going to be stable or not.
  4. ive found that asus boards are allways the most expensive. you will be able to find other kt333 boards which are just as good for less money.

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  5. in all honesty, there is some problem with every single KT333 board on the market right now. I love Asus but with the lack of overclocking options and the dissapointment of some users i have decided not to purchase it. Any hopes for the gigabyte board that i had were shot to hell by its millions of problems, the board that i am 90% sure i am going to get is the Epox 8k3a+ Seems to be an insane overclocker and stable at the same time, i really don't give two flying fu.cks that it doesn't have usb 2.0 since i probably won't use it and can always add in a usb 2 card. The only problem with this board that i've come across is a soft rebooting issue that is resolved by the latest bios flash and abnormaly high temp readings, but i think that is because the sensor uses the core's internal temperature.
  6. of course the cpu will read a higher temp when reading the internal diode. mine does
    around 50C at full load in a 20C with a bigass MCX-462 heatsink.

    but it doesnt really matter. if it doesnt crash then its ok.
    and one should always use the latest bios.

    another thing ive found thats useful is
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    they actually have a guy who works for epox on the forum! definately a bonus

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  7. A7V333 is one of few board that actually running stable with 333MHz CPU bus.
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