Problem with Leadtek and GA-7VRXP ??

Hi all,

I just built up a AMD system with this configuration:

-------- Hardware -------------
LeadTek GeForce3 Ti200 (64M)
Kingmax 512MB DDR266
Seagate 80GB 7200rpm
-------- Software -------------
Windows 2000 Professional (SP2)

I've adjusted the Vcore +7.5% to fix up the directX freeze issue. But now I've got another problem, please help me !

When I am just using IE , Office and some other windows apps (NOT 3D apps), the screen suddenly freeze and some with flecks on the screen can be seen, system hung up, no response to mouse and kb. The flecks on the screen look like grids on the screen ( NOT at random positions ). This happens every 2-4 hours after I restarted my pc.

I doubt there may be something wrong with the video card (LeadTek GeForce3 Ti200), or it conflicts with the GA-7VRXP???

Does anyone have the same problem? please help !

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  1. Hmm, try raising Vmem by 7.5%

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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