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Samsung 900nf, Sony G400, or Iiyama VM Pro 451?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
a b C Monitor
a b Ô Samsung
February 3, 2001 7:57:24 PM

Samsung 900nf -$395
Sony G400 - $452
Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 451 - $570
I've heard great things about all three monitors, most of all the VisionMaster. I'd like to get the opinions of you guys as to which monitor you'd choose, and whether the price premium of the sony or iiyama are warranted. I haven't actually seen any of these monitors.
February 3, 2001 9:03:42 PM

The Sony !
Definetly!It worths every cent!

Great picture quality! (The Best!)
Great small dot pitch!
Totaly FLAT!

Anti-glare coating!
Can be plugged to 2 computer! (Yes, that´s right!
Can the others?) (Switchable by the front panel!)
Great Resolution and refresh rate!

I have a Sony G200 (17") , and i would´ve bought a G400
if i had the money then to pay for the difference(It was 250$ then! ), so i bought the G200 and don´t regret it!

The Trinitron monitors (All of them ! The real ones!)
have 2 lines that apear on the screen (Those are the wires that old the Trititron grid!), you´ll stop noticing them quickly enough !

"I´m Going Down!...Down!Down!Down!Down!Down!" - Joe Satriani in G3 Live
February 3, 2001 9:12:10 PM

One more thing!
You should look at them and compare the image!
See which one looks better to you!

"I´m Going Down!...Down!Down!Down!Down!Down!" - Joe Satriani in G3 Live
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a b C Monitor
a b Ô Samsung
February 4, 2001 12:36:12 AM

I know that the VisionMaster supports two inputs. I can't look at these monitors anywhere. No computer stores (in my area) sell monitors this nice and I can't think of any businesses that I could go to that might have them.
February 4, 2001 10:58:48 AM

The place where you wnat to buy it !
Don´t they have a bunch of monitors on display?

"I´m Going Down!...Down!Down!Down!Down!Down!" - Joe Satriani in G3 Live
February 13, 2001 1:55:29 AM

I own the iiYama Vision Master Pro510 22", which has all of the features of the aforementioned Sony - I believe the 451 has the same. At the office I have 19" & 21" Sony, Nokia and NEC monitors, and I think the iiYama beats them all hands down.
February 13, 2001 9:28:24 AM

I don´t thinks so!
Check the reviews on monitors anywhere you can find (Net , magazines, etc). All will say the Sony has the better image quality! Nokia has quit making monitors so its no longer an option (They were ver good, almost as Sony!) and NEC, well
these guys should recall the whole lot of monitors they produce because they´re crap!

I´ll give a point to the iiYama though, its way cheaper than the Sony!

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