"'Local area connection' doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

From what I've read, I'm not the only person who has installed Windows 7 and had this problem, and I figured I'd ask here for help.

I just built a new PC and installed Windows 7 x64. I have installed the driver for my network adapter but I still can't connect to the internet. It just labels my local area connection as an unidentified network, calls it public, and says I have no connectivity. After googling and searching other forums I found that some people have a similar problem but mine is slightly different, and the problem others are having is the one that I keep finding solutions for. But my problem is different in the fact that I have only one network connection and it's the one labeled "unidentified". And all the solutions are for the situation where you have two connections: one being the unidentified network, and one being their local area connection.

If anyone has a solution or needs more specific information, please reply.

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  1. Run the Win7 Network Adapter troubleshooter.
    It should re-aquire your IPS.
    You don't want Public as your network.
  2. I ran the troubleshooter and ultimately got the same error message. That my local area connection doesn't have a valid ip config.
  3. Do you connect to the Internet via a USB Modem or an ethernet cable to a Modem Router?
  4. start>cmd> ipconfig /all. are you getting a valid IP?
  5. I found the problem there was a broken contact in my hub causing it to not connect.
  6. yay for low-tech solutions!
  7. Yeah I only caught it because my brother uses the same hub for his xbox live and he got on and couldn't connect and I was relieved that my computer didn't have some kind of fatal error.
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